Water Vapor Cigarettes

Vapor cigarette smoking has taken off to extraordinary heights.  In fact, Time Magazine called it the “Future of Smoking.”  We’re here to make sure you understand exactly how they work.

One question people in our circles of friends have asked are “is it really just water vapor inside these e-cigs?”

That’s a great question, so today we’ll attack just that.

The answer is “NO.”  If an e-cig battery just consisted of water vapor, it wouldn’t make a very good alternative, nor would it taste very good. :)

Every electronic cigarette brand will slightly vary, but for the most part, they all use nicotine, propylene glycol, (of USP Grade quality) vegetable glycerin (also of USP Grade quality) and when pertinent, flavoring agents.

Before you go and search online for these ingredients, know that we’re experts in this industry and know these products inside out.  In fact, you’ll find them in most of your kitchens, so you already consume these substances.

E-Cigarette terminology can be confusing, so it’s best to remember how new this industry is and that when anyone of authority refers to them by a name, it has the potential to stick.

So, to be sure you know we are on the same page, you can feel free to use these words interchangeably when referring to electronic cigarettes:  e-cigs, e-cigarettes, electric cigarettes, vapor cigarettes, water vapor cigarettes, steam cigarettes, and of course electronic cigarettes.

Types Of Vapor Cigarettes

There are two major types in the mainstream market, cigalikes and eGos. There are many, MANY more vaping products, as they are called, though if you are looking up general information, here’s the two styles that most people use.

V2 Electronic CigaretteCigalikes

These resemble an actual cigarette (what the vaping community calls ‘analogues’), and often really resemble the real thing, in appearance and flavor.

Some of the highly marketed brands like Vuse and Blu don’t resemble them as much, as they are silver and black, although brands like Green Smoke and South Beach Smoke have products that really look like one.

For taste, the brand V2 has a red flavor that is very much like an actual cigarette, and Green e cigs and South Beach also do quite well with shooting for the flavor of the real thing.

Vapor Zone ProeGos

These have a number of different name, and off shoots, though primarily they are a larger device, and that mainly gives a longer battery life, and sometimes more battery power, which in turn produces more vapor.

These are usable with the flavor cartridges that are found on cigalikes, which look like the filter on a cigarette, but rather contain the flavor, which is called e-juice, or e-liquid.

Then there are other containers you can place on the eGo battery called tanks, or clearomizers. These are often clear, so you can see how much vape juice is left.


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