The Stances Of The Pro E-Cig Campaigns

Electronic cigarette companies promote six benefits of using e-cigs. Although they cannot prove that their products are 100% safe (and research supports the opinion that there are some safety issues with them), there are many good reasons to let the industry growing room.

Careful with Words

Those who argue against electronic cigarettes are right to pay close attention to promotional language. Vape pens, eGos, cigalikes, and mods cannot be considered completely safe. There are too many unknown factors to consider and too little time has passed for medical and scientific researchers to have conducted in-depth studies. They are not promoted as smoking cessation devices: to do so would be to hammer another nail in the coffin anti-vaping proponents have propped open for this young field.

But when you look at advertising, vapers do not usually try to promote the complete safety of e-cigs or their use as quit-smoking devices. Brands and businesses are careful about how they choose their wording. Consumers can draw whatever inferences they want. Meanwhile, careful advertising campaigns focus on the facts about electronic cigarettes.

Not Safe, but Safer

One of those facts is that while cigarettes contain thousands of chemicals and create toxic smoke, e-cigs do not. Certainly, toxins have been measured, but there is no arguing that their values are a fraction of what cigarettes produce. There is no smoke, no tar, and no formaldehyde for a start. And, since smoke is the biggest danger for cigarette smokers, e-cigs are automatically safer than cigarettes.

Also, there is the option to give up nicotine, not just smoke. Most e-liquids and pre-filled cartomizers are available in zero-nicotine formats but also in small levels for slowly detoxifying.

Not Healthy, but Healthier

Smokers suffer from a range of illnesses, mostly respiratory, including lung cancer, COPD, asthma, and emphysema. Mouth cancer is another risk for smokers and those who inhale smoke second-hand. Even if smoking doesn’t kill everyone, people who live lengthy lives in spite of smoking usually bear the mark in some way: stained teeth, bad breath, a shortness of breath when exercising, smelly skin, hair, and clothes. There is always a negative side to smoking.

Vapor, on the other hand, is either odorless or smells like something you would make a candle smell like. Smokers who turn to vaping notice, over time, that they get their breath back. They can walk up stairs without pausing and, eventually, take them two at a time. Formerly oppressive symptoms of illness start to lose their hold. People are living again like they haven’t done since they started smoking. Twenty-year veterans consuming a pack or two a day are quitting an expensive, life-threatening habit.

Cheaper by Far

At first, vaping will save the new vaper about 40% over the cost of smoking. This is if his purchase of a starter kit with one of the major cigalike firms is successful and he takes possession of batteries that function and flavors he can tolerate.

Using the bulk buying system, he can continue to save at least this much or more when replacing his cartomizers. If his pen comes with blank cartridges, he realizes further savings from the purchase of e-liquid in place of pre-filled cartomizers.

Then he gets into eGo e-cigs and he can use a clearomizer for longer, replacing just the wick head or atomizer, and the battery keeps working for months. As a result, his expenditure on e-cigs is less than half of what he paid to maintain a smoking habit. Customers are saving money, but not by sacrificing flavor.

In Favor of Flavor

Tobacco burning in a cigarette mostly tastes and smells like smoke and poison. Tobacco-flavored e-juice smells and tastes like tobacco or something similar. The e-liquid business is hit-and-miss to be sure: e-juice blenders do not always get it right, but really good juice is surprisingly authentic-tasting.

Not only that, but whereas cigarettes come only in varieties of tobacco and menthol, e-liquid is sold in fruit flavors, dessert styles, cocktail and coffee flavors, and even savory favorites like bacon or pizza. They taste delicious without the calories of real cocktails and special foods.

Environmental Awareness

If you aren’t green, you aren’t in the know these days. Being environmentally friendly is not just for hippies — it’s a fashion statement, a trend. Green thinking is also more responsible than ignoring where your waste goes, the way many smokers don’t stop to think about the destination of their ash and butts.

Lots of them litter streets, forest trails, mountain hiking paths, and beaches. Smokers don’t seem to realize what sorts of toxins are in cigarettes and what can happen if these leach into dirt, water, and so on. Smokers don’t think about animals chewing on cigarette butts or children putting them in their mouths.

Vapers aren’t known for dropping batteries on the ground; they can be recharged. When they die, recycling depots take old batteries for safe disposal. Although e-waste is a considerable problem in today’s society, and cartridges clutter up waste bins too, just think about how many packs of cigarettes a single cartomizer or, even better, a bottle of e-liquid replaces.

If a cartomizer filled with about 1 ml of e-liquid represents 1 to 1.5 packs of cigarettes, then a 15-ml bottle of e-liquid represents 15 to 22 packs of cigarettes. That’s a lot of butts not going into the garbage, the grass at your favorite park, a local beach, or the playground where you kids run around. Some companies even take old cartomizers for recycling while glass e-liquid bottles can be recycled as all glass is disposed of: at your local depot.


Vapers have found in each other a community of like-minded individuals. They have formed friendships, even gotten married, starting from a shared understanding of the journey from heavy smoker to devoted vaper.

If You’re Interested in Getting Started

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