Telescopic Mods

Think of all the telescopic items in your home or office. Your garden rake could be one. A set of tree-pruning sheers might be another. Perhaps a tripod for mounting a video camera or adjusting the legs of a chair comes to mind.

These are all items that can be extended or shortened according to the needs of the consumer: to reach further or sit higher, to become shorter or lower, to fold away for the sake of portability. Telescopic mods operate on the same principle but for different reasons.

Features of a Telescopic Mod

Usually, when vape stores refer to a vaping device as “telescopic,” they mean a single piece can be adjusted without being taken apart and nothing is added to it. Unscrewing the tube allows it to grow longer or one can screw in the opposite direction to shorten the mod. Sometimes there are tube mods that come with three tubes or different-sized tubes are sold separately. They are not technically telescopic, but they do provide the convenience of changing battery size.

Advantages of a Telescopic Mod

VaporFi™ High-Capacity 30A 2100mah BatteryThe primary benefit of owning a telescopic device is obvious.

You do not need to limit yourself to a single size of battery, but can adjust to whichever of (usually) three sizes suit your needs or wants at the time.

Occasionally, there are just two sizes: 18650 and 18350. Insert an 18350 battery to create a modest, discrete configuration.

Extend to an 18490- or 18500-series battery for a compromise between greater power, longer usage on a charge, and relative stealth.

Fully extend the mod to accommodate an 18650 battery, ensuring everyone can see your big, ornate or militaristic e cig, but also providing your self with the most power for the longest period of time.

The biggest battery holds its charge longest, so you can go away for the weekend with just one fully powered-up, no charger, and only a bottle of e liquid to accompany it. There will be no need to change the battery or plug it into the wall. An 18650 could last for two days.

Examples of Telescopic Mods

Usually, a telescoping e cig is mechanical, not an APV. One such is the affordable K100. At its longest, the K100 is 5 inches in length. At its shortest, the figure is 3.9 inches. There are holes to vent the battery, reverse thread locking so you do not accidentally fire it by depressing the button in your pocket, and a number of color options.

RJ Mods’ Turtle Ship from Korea works with 18-series batteries. Again, bottom-firing is locked against accidental activation for safety and to retain battery power.

With the Kaleido, reverse threading is employed once more. A vent hole is discretely drilled within the kaleidoscope engraving. Voltage drop is hardly worth talking about it’s so minimal.

Keep costs to a minimum by purchasing telescoping devices like the K100 for around $50 or a Magneto by Smok priced around the same amount. It is also available in several colors but is different from most others because Smok eschewed spring-loaded firing in favor of reliable magnets. They work for longer than springs and can also be replaced just as springs can.

The Panzer costs around $240 when you purchase an authentic Black Hawk, not a clone. Its smooth threading wows consumers. Adjusting the top pin lets you attach almost any 510/eGo tank, prevents the battery from rattling, and can accommodate three battery sizes. Venting lets heat out so your battery is not becoming dangerously hot.

How to Choose the Best Unit

When looking for a telescopic mod, first decide on a realistic price range. There is no problem buying a perfectly suitable, reliable device for under $70. If, however, you are determined to own a piece that will be worth more money in 20 years than it is now, save up for a collectible e cig costing between $150 and $300.

A price like this does not guarantee you will enjoy the best throat hit or thickest vapor; just that only a limited number were made and you will have a serial number engraved on the item to prove it. As for the telescoping part, as you can see from the domestic examples listed above, technology enabling this convenient feature is inexpensive to employ.