Some Of The Various Topics Warning Consumers About E-Cigs

Advocates of e-cigs make points about the benefits of vaping in place of smoking. They offer many, such as the social element which brings people from all areas of society together at vaping conventions where vaping is their ice breaker. They talk about the way their lives changed for the better; how much healthier they became when they were finally able to quit smoking after years and many efforts using traditional methods like going cold turkey and chewing gum.

There is the money they save, the green element of vaping as opposed to smoking, and the flavors of e-liquid which are so yummy. Don’t forget that ex-smokers get their sense of taste back when they stop smoking. So why are some members of the community so concerned about e-cigarettes? What are their arguments against these devices?

Some Convincing Concerns

It turns out that evidence is mounting for and against e-cigs and one should not ignore the bad because the good is so compelling. When cigarette companies tried to gloss over the dangers of smoking, many members of the public bought their claims that they could safely continue to smoke. But cigarettes were proven to be killers and now everyone knows it.

Just because a few people defy the odds to live healthy or relatively healthy lives in spite of being smokers does not mean they are safe. These individuals are the exceptions. What if e-cig manufacturers also know something they are not telling people? What if they have yet to learn something of the long-term ill effects vaping can have on individuals? There are no long-term studies available yet. Consumers need more time.

Nasty Nicotine

A primary concern here is the use of nicotine in e-liquid. Some countries will not allow e-liquid across their borders knowingly if it contains nicotine. Many studies have shown this drug to be potentially lethal owing to its effects on the heart.

As a stimulant, nicotine can have an adverse affect on individuals the way that energy drinks can cause cardiac arrest, although most findings show that cardiac incidents occur after long-term exposure. Still, smokers are exposed to nicotine plenty long enough to develop problems if they ever will.

E-juice usually contains nicotine at some level. It might be much lower than the level found in cigarettes (although some nicotine levels are extraordinarily high), but it’s still there, doing damage over time. Many flavored liquids contain zero nicotine. Disposable e-cigs are frequently the entry point for new vapers and they almost always contain moderate to high levels of nicotine.

Nicotine exposure is not just a problem for vapers, asserts the anti-vaping camp. They are concerned about second-hand nicotine vapor too. How much is too much? They can’t say, but don’t feel it is right for second-hand vapers to be guinea pigs proving or disproving the dangers of this addictive drug.

Teenage Vaping

According to economic studies, the number of teenagers trying e-cigs is growing rapidly every year. Teen smoking has always been a problem in society. Now it seems teens are turning to these electronic pens as well or instead of cigarettes.

It’s too early to say if these teens would have smoked; if their purchase of e-cigs has taken profits away from cigarettes (though some argue that a majority of them were smokers who turned to vaping). If so, it’s still possible that vapers will become smokers. Those against the industry fully believe that the act of vaping is so much like smoking, vapers will one day light up cigarettes.

Another worry is that sexy advertising and sweet flavors are appealing to a younger audience; that kids who wouldn’t have ever tried smoking are going to pick up e-cigs and expose themselves to potential dangers. They wouldn’t have wanted to smoke tar, but Boston Cream Pie sounds lovely.

Diet Dilemma

This is the same reason that dieters could be drawn to e-cigs. E-juice is available in any flavor you can dream up: S’mores, gingerbread, pumpkin pie, and all sorts of goodies. The great thing about e-liquid, however, is that it is calorie-free. That’s just what an overweight person wants to hear and enough incentive to try vaping even as a non-smoker.

Addictive Alternative

Nicotine is a drug and is the addictive substance that encourages people to go against all reason and smoke until they are ill. Researchers claim that this drug has the potential to promote further drug use and dependency. In particular, scientists are concerned about cocaine.

Addiction works like this: you take a drug and it does what you want it to (nicotine stimulates the brain), but the level to which the drug accomplishes this seems to be reduced over time. Consumers need more of the drug which is why they smoke more or stronger cigarettes. Eventually, even that isn’t enough to bring about an adequate level of stimulation, so vapers become dependent on stronger, even deadlier stimulants such as cocaine.

PG, VG, Flavor, and Color

Propylene glycol has caused some allergic reactions. Types of vegetable glycerin are proven toxic or contain nut allergens. Certain flavors and colors, being artificial, lead to strange reactions like breaking out in a rash or hives.

Since e-liquid mixologists do not necessarily disclose the precise nature of their ingredients, it is easy for vapers to stumble onto products that are dangerous for them. It is in the nature of many Americans to believe that nothing bad for them could possibly be available for purchase, but this attitude is naive. There are plenty of ways e-juice can cause problems.

Exploding E-Cigs

Finally, examples of dramatic electronic malfunction are unusual, but frightening. At least one person has died as a tragic result of bad manufacturing while incompatible parts and unprotected batteries are also causing personal injury. These instances bring into sharp focus the potential for electronic cigarettes to do harm, and anti e-cig campaigners are honing in on these aspects to present their case.

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