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The Vuse E Cig was released in Colorado late in 2013, and its release was extended in the summer of 2014 to the rest of America. It is a product that has met with excellent reviews but strong opinions as well, and sales could be affected in the coming weeks and months by the stance of Reynolds American: the parent company of RJR Vapor.

Reynolds American recently stated that the FDA should ban e cigs. Vuse, of course, would suffer along with all the other electronic cigarettes if that were to happen, but maybe not if the FDA were to make a qualitative ruling. In this case, maybe only e cigs tasting of tobacco or menthol would remain on store shelves while sweet-flavored products would be canned.

Industry in Crisis

This would mean the end of almost every e liquid company in the United States. Since most e cigs are made in China, that industry would not be shut down but they would lose one of their biggest customers. Reynolds argues that the very location of their construction is placing Americans at risk because Chinese e cig factories are not regulated by American bodies, so one cannot be sure of their safety by US standards.

Vuse E Cig

All of this discussion is still hypothetical; subject to decisions by the FDA, which one hopes will be made objectively. They are being influenced by intelligent views from both sides: advocates from the medical community and opponents from the UN, for example. With some balance and clarity from the scientific community, it is within the power of the FDA to make reasonable and sensible choices.

In the meantime, Vuse E Cigs are excellent products. Ex-smokers are thrilled by their flavor and the quality of their build. RJR does not make disposable e cigs but rechargeable devices in menthol or tobacco. They are sold in stores only, but accessories are sold online. RJR has a plan that consumers will have to go into a shop and show ID before they can walk out with their electronic vaping devices and consume nicotine.

The Vuse E Cig is not made for refilling. Each cartridge is permanently disabled when empty according to their website. This is to prevent their being used when materials are degrading. They are leak-proof, temperature-controlled, tamper-resistant, and bite-proof. There is no way to bite through the stainless steel exterior and wind up choking on half a cartomizer. It will not overheat and burn the user.

Gassing is prevented by the distance between air intake and the battery. Product of the Vuse E Cig meets international safety standards. They are filled with only the highest quality ingredients. RJR does not go into details but I would love to know what they mean by pure. They use water in their e liquid: only distilled or reverse osmosis water, to be exact.

RJR Vapor Stance

The Vuse website is also restrictive in that one must form an account and sign in to explore it fully. Anyone, however, can read these statements: that Reynolds is committed to innovation, quality, and “reducing harm caused by smoking.” They have every intention of “accelerating the decline in youth tobacco use.”

That’s just fancy talk for saying they want to help reduce the number of young people who start smoking. They don’t say anything about ending the use of cigarettes by youth, but that might just be too unrealistic a goal anyway.

I have a feeling consumers will react strongly to statements by Reynolds American if they are aware Vuse is made by the same corporation (and potentially Blu Cigs). Sales of Vuse could plummet for a while, but not for long if they become the only option.





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