Reynolds Bans Smoking In Offices

In an ironic twist, America’s second biggest tobacco company has banned cigarette smoking in their offices. This is a new ban which, according to spokesman for Reynolds David Howard, has been initiated at the right time. He says this should be done to continue the company’s efforts to ensure there is no risk of second-hand cigarette smoke inhalation.

Reynolds Reputation

At the end of the 20th Century, Reynolds had already weathered litigation relating to misinformation about the dangers of smoking cigarettes. Yet the company itself might have remained a bastion for smoking openly since there are few places remaining for smokers to go except their own homes, cars, and offices. Obviously this is not to be, especially since not everyone at Reynolds is a smoker.

Reynolds has already seen itself at the center of controversy this year over their involvement in the e cig business and also for comments that e cigs should be banned.

Bans throughout the Complex

Other areas of the Reynolds complex in North Carolina have already been designated non-smoking areas with certain places set aside for smoking. Employees are unable to smoke in fitness areas or the cafeteria. It makes sense that there should be nowhere one can smoke indoors, but Reynolds will not be the last company to make this move.

Altria Falls Behind

Altria is the largest tobacco group, based in Missouri, and they have not banned smoking in separate offices. That doesn’t mean the move will not come, but the CEO of Reynolds has her own reasons for initiating this ban. Altria is the maker of Mark Ten e cigs (less successful or critically acclaimed as the Vuse) and for cigarettes such as Marlboro, Benson & Hedges, and Players.

Former Smoker Turned Vaper

The CEO of Reynolds was once a smoker, unsurprisingly. She now uses an electronic cigarette instead. The time has come to phase cigarettes out, especially now that Reynolds now sells their popular and highly-rated Vuse e cig nationally and is intent on securing their place in the e cig market if it survives FDA regulations. Little by little this ban on smoking in the office will be enforced until by 2016 smoking will no longer be permitted indoors at Reynolds Tobacco.

But you could see e cigs motivating the same move at Altria. This tobacco company owns Green Smoke, one of the industry’s most popular brands of electronic cigalikes: e cigarettes that look like analogs.

Other Non-Combustion Methods

If an employee uses some other method of inhaling nicotine such as an herbal vaporizer or chewing tobacco which does not involve combustion, this method does not fall under the same regulations. Vapers can continue to use e cigs and oil pens.

As long as they do not light up and materials do not burn (which could leave some herbal vaping pens out considering they are prone to start burning), there continues to be some way to inhale nicotine and maintain the habit which employees might have started with a Camel or a Pall Mall, a Winston or a Misty by Reynolds Tobacco.

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