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White Cloud celebrated its 5th anniversary in 2013. Apart from special, limited time offers to celebrate this milestone, they offer generally good product selection and pricing which placed them on a number of top-ten lists recently. Discover products and features in this review.

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Paying Less for Less

For one thing, their disposables come in full size and minis. Do you find yourself paying more money for more nicotine than you wanted, and wishing you could pay less for less? The company gives you that option.

Start up your e cig and it will run out of juice before the juice goes stale, or you get tired of it and wish you’d picked a different flavor. That’s why they’re disposable: so you can try them out before buying all the electronic gear to replace cartridges, recharge batteries, and so on.

White Cloud Cirrus II Starter KitStarting Line Up

Most of their starter kits are titled “Cirrus” with variations in each package. They begin at $29.95, which was the cost of the kit you see pictured here. They offer things like the USB wall adapter as an add-on option.

The biggest package is called the Phantom, priced $129.95. This last one is exclusive, with membership to just 500 people (numbered card included). The set is called “Phantom” because it should blend in, not stand out.

Smoke under the radar of authorities or people who simply want to harangue you about your habit. The makers were concerned that regulations could change or be held against e smokers in certain locations. They decided to create a product which consumers could hide yet still use.

The Phantom kit comes with a lock box, a triple charger (for charging 3 batteries simultaneously), an A/C adaptor, and five cartridges. Choose from regular, vanilla, cinnamon, or Moscow Mule. Several others are available, more than are offered with disposables. Strengths start at zero and go up to extra strength.

A black matte finish ends with a blackout tip, so no simulated “burning” light will give away your activity as a smoker of electronic vaporizers.

Choosing White Cloud

Maybe you have decided to use White Cloud, but a friend went with something else and feels stuck. Give this person the gift of a new start with a gift certificate. This allows him to try the brand, but your friend can select a product for himself.

Often you can mix and match products between companies, but this is particularly true when consumers like one brand of e juice and another brand of hardware. White Cloud makes cartridges: pre-filled items. Though they come in numerous flavors, you are kind of stuck with them unless you are able to find a compatible cartridge made by another manufacturer. You can also order just one cartridge at a time.

Not that this has to be bad news: reviews are good for White Cloud, so you are probably going to like their selection, quality, and affordability.


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