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Getting hold of Vuse or looking at its products is not that easy unless you want to supply your email address prior to even seeing what they look like and cost. The website contains lots of great and candid information about vendor policies, but you might want a better glimpse of Vuse before buying it.


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Here’s My Vuse Review

Vuse electronic cigaretteOK – The Important Stuff…

This is what the Vuse looks like –>

This is a huge new brand that is teamed up with a large tobacco corporation, and will be getting a ton of exposure through their MASSIVE marketing abilities, and will likely have a presence like that of Blu Cigs.

I purchased their mini starter kit from my local gas station.

There were 3 options on the mini Vuse carousel:

  • Power Unit and Accessories for $25 (1 battery, USB, AC and car charger and carry case)
  • Cartridges for $6
  • Basic Kit for around $15 (1 battery, 1 cartridge and 1 USB charger) (I think this was $15, but don’t remember exactly, $12-$15 ballpark)


OK, this is after going through another full cartridge. You can see my first impressions below. One thing I noticed is a difference in the taste when I was not sipping coffee while vaping the Vuse tobacco flavor.

It has a bit of a coffee/mocha taste to it, similar to the Blu tobacco flavor, with more taste and throat hit.

As I said below, this was my favorite store bought product, although that was with coffee. Without coffee, I prefer the taste of NJOY. The coffee masked the ‘mocha’ flavor, and it went great with my cup of Joe, though all by itself, I wasn’t as crazy about it, though it is still a good flavor, just not my absolute favorite.

For functionality, aesthetics, craftsmanship etc., this is top notch and in my opinion, is a step up from other typical store bought products, and while drinking a coffee, I love it, but for pure taste alone, my preference is NJOY, for brick and mortar brands. (V2 is my top pick of them all for red tobacco flavor).

*End of update*

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Original Review Pre-Update

The Good

I got the Power Unit and cartridges.

Vuse Kit and Cartridges

This is HIGH quality stuff, between the cartridge, the packaging, and the flavor is pretty decent, and it has a nice throat hit. I would have to say this is my favorite store bought e-cig so far Second favorite – see update above (having tried Fin, Blu, Logic, NJOY etc.).

I’ve enjoyed the flavor (my analogue of choice was Marlboro Reds), although there is a slight burnt taste at times, it also has a slight sweetness (common to most e-cigs), almost like a hint of maple.

Overall a pretty good e cig, very high quality device with a unique cartridge attachment, in which they twist and pop on, as opposed to being threaded like many cartridges.

The Bad

Firstly, these are not available for online purchase. This may not seem so bad, if you are thinking how you used to go to the store anyways to get Marlboros and Newports, but e-cigs are a bit different, as you will need to learn how fast you go through these, and if you need a refill…well, hopefully your gas station that carries them is open, as Vuse is not yet a ‘household item’ so to speak, available in every store, as they are a relatively new brand, so you may be SOOL if you run out.

Next is the price for refills. They are $3 each, where I bought mine, and I suspect this is pretty consistent nationwide. This is pretty typical for brick and mortar brands, like Blu, and NJOYs are like $9-$10 EACH!

But alternatively, other brands that are available for online purchase are less than $2.50 per cartridge, and even $2 in some cases, like that of V2Cigs, and the cost of use plummets if you get into refilling your own cartridges or tanks.

They are not refillable. If you start to refill your own e cig, the maintenance cost goes WAY down. Almost all e-cigs are refillable, even if they don’t advertise it (as you can typically pop off the bottom of the cartridge and refill it with e-juice). These have a proprietary cartridge and you can’t even open it. You can snap it off, and then the seal is broken. (Although you can see they have a pretty cool heating element in there, different than other products I have seen).

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That being said, quality and taste-wise, I would say they are the best I have tried from a convenience store, besides V2 (which aren’t in a whole lot of stores yet), and so, if you have a local retailer that carries them, and want to give e-cigs a shot, go for it, they are a good product, and will give you a nice introduction to vaping your nicotine.

The cartridge flavor faded slightly after maybe an hour or so of taking a puff or two every couple minutes, though it does have a strong throat hit (that feeling in the back of your throat). I didn’t see a nicotine strength listed on the package, but it has to be up there, since it has some kick and I almost coughed (It is officially 4.8% or .48, which is HIGH), and once again, a very nicely designed device, though the cost of refills will be up there.

The draw is decent, I like how it is a bit restrictive, but not too much. It does make a bit of a hiss when you draw, though that is pretty common. (if that is important to you, for staying in stealth mode, Green Smoke brand electronic cigarettes are very quiet, and great quality).

I would say I would use 2-3 cartridges a day, being a medium to heavy vaper, which would cost $6-$9 a day, which isn’t horrible compared to Marlboros, but other top quality e-cigs are less costly for maintenance – $4-$7.50 per day respectively.

Now More About The Brand


Vuse was big news recently because it is produced by a cigarette corporation. The Reynolds firm is wise to get involved in electronic cigarette marketing because this is the wave of the future. Most of the time, a Vuse e cig review gets a bit distracted by this side of the topic, but there are already opinions floating around about the product itself.


For one thing, as users indicate, a cigarette company is the ideal body to create an electronic cigarette. Creators understand what smokers want in a transitional device, even though it cannot be marketed this way. Reynolds makes this clear: Vuse is not a means for quitting smoking but for adopting vaping, and only among consumers aged 21 and older.


Vuse contains up to 4.8% of nicotine. This is amazing. No one else in the market place that I have seen puts this much nicotine into their products. Even e liquid companies sell their highest volumes (about 4.6%) for mixing purposes only. If you are not used to smoking heavily, you might want to try a lighter e cig brand instead.

Recycling Program

Makers of Vuse run a convenient, free recycling program. While participation does not provide consumers with complimentary products, they will receive prepaid packaging upon request so as to send in their expired products. This is a nice touch.

where to buy VuseHard to Get

Where do you buy these electronic cigarettes?

To their credit, Reynolds has made it difficult because, as stated in their website, they want it to be tough for under-aged consumers to buy their electronic cigarettes. Only registered consumers can look through the site, and they are only available at retail locations.



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