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Voda Vapor is an online ecig flavor vendor that specializes in different ecig flavor blends. Their speciality is the different tobacco based flavors. Each tobacco based flavor is mixed with a unique fruity or dessert flavor to give you a hint of both. So if you love ecig flavors with a hint of tobacco, be sure to check out their tobacco eliquids.

Vapor Zone E Cig JuiceOur pick for liquids and juices has always been Vapor Zone.  A brand by the International Vapor Group, Vapor Zone makes all their juices in the USA, and they also have the highest quality tank systems and mods available.

Their website: http://vaporzone.com

Other than their specialty, there are hundreds of other flavors to choose from. These flavors are listed accordingly in categories that include food/sweet flavors, dessert flavors, signature flavors and tobacco flavors. You will also find tons of ecig accessories for your eGo based ecig or any other advanced ecig.

If you love experimenting with the taste of your ecig, you can also choose to create a blend that includes different quantities of PG vs. VG. Every flavor listed on the website lists down details of the mix so you can choose accordingly. Moreover, there are customer reviews and testimonials which will effectively guide you in picking a flavor that works best for you.

Make sure to visit their website to learn more about how they create their flavors and learn about the electronic cigarette in general by reading their guides.

Website: http://www.vodavapor.com/

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