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VaporShark is a big name in the e cig business with 7 locations in Florida, online shopping, and their own box mod. That’s not all: the VaporShark website carries e-liquid, they have designed their own clearomizer (GLASS), and they carry a ton of other accessories and parts. They got their start in 2010, since which time their products have changed. The e-liquid they carry no longer contains colorant, but you will like the look of their lab and flavors on their juice menu.

Vapor Shark e liquidVaporShark Review, Starting with E-Liquid

This is where juices are blended and, in many organizations, would be a weak spot. VaporShark gets it: the FDA will not stand for shoddy working conditions because American vapers should feel safe when they take a drag on their favorite flavor of e juice.

Too few companies reveal the nature of their juice-making facilities and say nothing about the quality of products purchased to produce juice. This is one reason the FDA has become involved in the industry: without standards and regulations, there is no protection for consumers.

By the look of things, VaporShark did not just institute their ISO/OSHA-compliant lab a month or two ago. They agreed with the FDA before they even got on their soap box: customer safety comes first. Pictures on their website show a high-tech, hygienic set up with employees suited up like medical professionals.

A bottle of juice costs $14.99 for 30 ml with nicotine broken into small increments from 24 mg down to zero, often as little as 2 mg at a time. For each flavor, VaporShark recommends a nicotine level. Flavors include Peanut Butter Cup, Miami Vice (coconut, strawberry, and peach), and 6 styles of tobacco and menthol.

They also list three other brands of e-juice: Space Jam, Obsession, and Drake’s Vapes: high-end, sought-after products. But it is their home brew that you should pay attention to.

Only American ingredients are used to make their blends. There aren’t hundreds of them: just enough to satisfy various taste preferences (candy, desserts, fruit, etc.) and maintain control over production. VaporShark follows GMP and AEMSA guidelines, uses tamper-resistant seals, adds an expiration date to every bottle, and enforces strict quality control over the entire bottling process.

Vapor Shark devicesE Cigs at Vapor Shark

Look to VaporShark when you are in the market for a brand new variable wattage box mod. Their DNA 30 Watt Mod is custom designed for the brand with the exception of the Evolv DNA 30 chip, which you find in a lot of similar devices.

It works with a 1300 LiPo battery, has a metal firing button, adjusts to as much as 30 watts, and supports sub-ohm atomizers. The chip is excellent but can be upgraded when technology is available to boost the power of your compact black box mod.

VaporShark Starter Kits

The average vaper is not confident to start with a variable voltage box mod such as the VaporShark DNA 30 Watt, but he could handle the Fusion BDC or a Minnow Starter Kit better.

The Minnow is VaporShark’s cheapest package at $38.99 and a small, manageable device for new vapers. VaporShark sells a stylish performer: the Russian 91% plus a DNA box mod for $269.99. Every starter kit comes with a bottle of VaporShark e-liquid.

Select Suitable Atomizers

At Florida’s VaporShark, you will find a mixture of authentic devices and cut-price clones, but there are clones you can live with. In fact, EHPro clones are so good you will hardly notice any difference between them and the real thing.

The Russian 91% (authentic) sells for $99.99. Buy the Orchid V2 for $31.99. IGO W6 ($32.99) and IGO-W atomizers ($20.99) are popular around the country for their solid performance. You can buy a Squid RDA for $9.99 or the Stillare RDA ($24.99), a clone. The Nimbus Clone is $24.99. VaporShark carries others so take a look at their website for the full list of rebuildable atomizers and dripping atomizers.

An important point to make here is that the devices I am talking about represent a selection of their entire website stock. There is more in their online catalogue. Furthermore, if these products got your attention, stop by one of the seven VaporShark locations: Miami, Kendall, Pinecrest, Hallandale, Palmetto Bay, Fort Lauderdale, or Barnegat. There is bound to be more stock in store.

In particular, limited edition items come into a store and sell out before there is time or need to post them on the internet. You would know stuff like this if you followed VaporShark on Facebook and at their other social media links.

High-End, High-Powered Mods

I already mentioned the VaporShark DNA 30 Watt, but they’ve got a few other items up their sleeve. The EVape is $64.99, or you can pick up a couple of clones: EHPro NZonic and Caravela imitations for around $60 each. EHPro makes excellent clones. Don’t forget your building materials for these devices and the atomizers listed above.

You are going to need wick, coil, and so on. VaporShark lists numerous accessories besides parts: drip tips like the Muffler, the Minnow battery, and Nautilus glass. They carry every piece necessary to operate or maintain any of the devices they sell.


I mentioned it above, but let’s take a closer look at this clearomizer. It is made of Pyrex with a replaceable tank. The GLASS is a gorgeous product featuring an air hole stabilizer so you get the best draw possible. Pyrex tubes are important to your vaping experience in two ways.

One is that, if you manage not to step on or drop it from any great height, a Pyrex tube will last longer than a plastic one before becoming too scratched or cloudy to appear hygienic and usable. The second is that with a Pyrex tube in place, e-liquids you said “no” to before are now fair game.

Crack tankers (juices that eat plastic tanks) include anise-flavored juices, certain fruits, and hot cinnamon styles. Desserts like cream and custard, tobacco, fruit such as watermelon and peach, and most menthol varieties can be safely vaped in any type of tank.

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