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The Rocket by VaporFi comes along as the company is promoting their new name and pre-selling the Orbit. The Rocket is also in pre-sale mode so there are no reviews about it yet. Anything you read before the first of September is nothing but VaporFi fan mail.


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VaporFi RocketsThe VaporFi Rocket Review

It’s significant that VaporFi chose this time to launch yet another e cig from their already long collection. Firstly, it coincides with new stores being launched under the VaporFi heading, stores beyond the Florida threshold that has been so lucrative for the company to this point. They are also opening more stores in their home state.

The Rocket comes out at the same time as the Orbit, VaporFi’s answer to the V2 Cigs Pro Series and the Eonsmoke Falcon. By adding another e cig to their menu, VaporFi reminds people of their roots in the vaping industry. They want to compete, sure, but they have not forgotten where they got their start or the customers who have brought them this far.

What is the Rocket Like?

Customers lost the Jet, VaporFi’s triangular battery, but to replace it VaporFi added two more Pro starter kits and the Orbit herbal vaporizer. They have also had the Rebel telescopic mod in there for a long time to provide power and variable voltage, but many customers think the Pulse battery is a variable voltage battery too. They are wrong, and so the Rocket fills a gap in this way.

It comes with an airflow tank, dual atomizers (1.8-ohm), and 1600 mAh of power. The kit (in stainless steel or black) also features a USB charger, wall adapter, and 5 atomizers for $119.99. The battery on its own costs $49.99.

The Rocket tank sells for $39.99 individually. With a kit you get both of those plus extras, whereas picking them up separately would cost you $90 (although other, cheaper VaporFi tanks would also work without looking quite right).

Comparing the Rocket with Its Competition

Consumers who started with a VaporFi Express and have not learned much about the industry might be surprised to know that, as elegant as the Rocket is, it’s not the only product out there that does what it does. In fact, the Rocket is a latecomer to the game.

There is no mention of an LCD screen or how one changes voltage. Is there a knob at the bottom or does one use the button? If so, how is the user supposed to know he reached the right voltage? What is the range? I suspect that the Rocket is like a Spinner or a Kanger Evod Twist, two products that most closely resemble this this type of e cig.

The Vision Spinner costs anywhere from $25 to $40 (usually $30 or less) and is available in loads of colors. You change the voltage through a range from just over 3 volts to less than 5 volts by turning a knob at the bottom.

With the Kanger Evod Spinner you do the same thing. These are also very inexpensive at between $25 and $30. Either battery could be part of a kit costing no more than $80 and contains the same amount of power as the Rocket. They are generally compatible with the same tanks, but an adapter and ring would sort out any connection and aesthetic problems. While the Rocket comes in two colors, Kanger and Vision products come in many finishes.

VaporFi batteries are well-known for their high level of compatibility, but this is nothing more than one would expect from the brands above and for a lot less money. Even the tank from VaporFi is not unusual, and a little more pricey at $39.99. What you pay for, as always, is a name and excellent customer service.

Overall Impressions of the Rocket

The Rocket will not fail to attract the kind of attention that VaporFi is used to. Their marketing is virtually flawless and timing is fantastic. They are already in the spotlight, so what better time to launch a brand new member of their lineup?

Customers can expect there to be tweaking, such as the addition of colored Rocket batteries (at least that’s my prediction). In the meantime, they can use the colors VaporFi has on hand until they run out of steam and work with the Rocket tank which appears a well-made item.


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