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The Vapor Spot is one of California’s most successful chains of e cig stores. The website seemed to be in development forever, at least to those who anxiously awaited their opportunity to browse the Vapor Spot catalogue online and even do some convenient shopping from an armchair. I have to say this is a unique website, as artistic as it is user-friendly.

Style of Internet Vaping

Choosing orange and blue and a 50’s style of design that reminds me of A&W and the Jetsons was a stroke of genius. They did not have to go to this kind of effort to make their website so different from any others or to attract customers. The Vapor Spot already has a huge following in Sacramento, Hollywood, Los Angeles, and elsewhere in the state. I guess now, attracted by these eye-catching colors, more customers will be drawn in from further away.

The Vapor Spot makes an easy shopping experience fun and unique. Nobody else has created anything as enjoyable.

The Vapor Spot Review

Their brick-and-mortar presence is still what The Vapor Spot is best known for. The owner is a dab hand and handling customer complaints and responds diplomatically to those posted online. He does an excellent job of addressing problems, just not maybe as good a job hiring the best employees for customer service.

Problems with some employees might have improved, either due to diligent training or firing and re-hiring to change the atmosphere completely. His employees have been known to look down on vapers who don’t wear the right clothes, are too old, or are new to e cigs. They created an atmosphere that was uncomfortable in many respects.

Such treatment of customers (who aren’t customers for long) just will not do, but if you see complaints about The Vapor Spot on Yelp or Yellow Pages, read the date too. Also, look at the location. Certain stores have always had a great reputation. Some seek to improve their ratings.

The Vapor Spot is known for carrying the best of everything. The Vapor Spot does not stock unfamiliar products with untested quality or longevity. You will find they tend to offer Vision, Innokin, JoyeTech, and mechanical mods that have been proven and e juices that have already acquired fans.

The Vapor Spot e juicesOnline Shopping

Remember that the following products are only a selection of what they carry in the store and also online. Stores generally carry more items and will sometimes have limited edition products for a short time; not long enough to list them.

Starter Kits from top Manufacturers

Select an eGo starter kit like the eCab for $69.95. It comes with a slim, light eGo battery, atomizer, tank, and 2 batteries (AAA). There is a cone, 2 atomizer heads, the battery housing component, and 2 cartridges. The charging kit is also included. There is the Vision Express Kit, iTaste EP kit, and an eRoll package.


Kanger, Vision, Aspire, and related chargers are in stock. You will find clearomizers for various set ups and batteries like the Kanger iPow or Evod (including a variable voltage version).

Digital and Mechanical Mods

Select a mechanical mod from the affordable range: a Smok Smooth, Kamry K100, or Aethertech VCO. Pickup a more expensive mod like the Neptune by Beyond Vape, an iTaste 134 ($179.95 and expensive at that price), or a Spartan by Head Hunters priced $229.95.

Digital mods are easier to use, although still advanced and most suited to experienced vapers. They include the eVic kit at a good price ($119.95), the DNA 30 by Vapor Shark for $189.95, and iTaste VTR priced $119.95.

RBAS like the Tugboat and Colt cost $99.95. Add $40 for a CATS RBA or a Prometheus. At The Vapor Spot, you can spend a little or a lot on your vaping habit. Accessories serve the mod-using customer and general vaper. They include Hello Kitty drip tips, metal collars for electronic cigarettes; carry cases, Eko Wool, lanyards, and silica. Wrap your own coils.

E-Juice by The Vapor Spot

In stores, The Vapor Spot carries top-shelf liquids by the best names in e juice. Online, they promote their own series which started small but has grown to honor the greats of 20th Century music. They include Etta James, Johnny Cash, Eric Clapton, and Ray Charles. For $10.95, you get 15 ml from 0 to 18 mg. “Etta” tastes like honeydew and banana. “Cash” is Folsom Prison Tobacco and a 50/50 blend.

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