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Desktop herbal vaporizers can cost more than $600, and portable devices have been known to cost as much as $250. They might be small, but the technology devised to heat a small oven and produce vapor without combustion or cords is not cheap. Thus, many consumers have felt forced into paying this kind of price to vaporize herbs while on the go rather than smoking cigarettes. The VaporFi Orbit portable vaporizer might make you rethink this plan.


The VaporFi Orbit Review

The Vapor Fi OrbitVaporFi is known for their many models of electronic cigs and e liquid. Can an e cig company produce a viable herbal vaporizer? It wouldn’t be the first time, but in the case of VaporFi, customers should know: they have a reputation for building top-notch products that make you wish you had not wasted your money somewhere else.

User-Friendly Orbit Design

Items similar to the VaporFi Orbit would be the PAX by Ploom and EonSmoke Falcon. They are one-piece vaporizers with built-in batteries and non-removable chambers. They vaporize herbs only and are compact for discrete vaping.

Although the 2200-mAh battery does not come out, a USB port at the bottom allows one to recharge the Orbit using a laptop or another USB charging tool. The Orbit offers a long-life battery both in terms of its entire life and also the length of each charge. Charging the battery requires up to 12 hours the first time but only as long as 2 hours every time afterwards.

VaporFi Online Instruction Video

Visit the VaporFi website to watch “Mike” give a demonstration of how to operate this device. He removes the mouthpiece by pressing it gently to reveal the herb chamber (1.7-ml capacity). Fill and pack it with finely ground herbs to about 3/4s full. Replace the mouthpiece by pressing it firmly in place.

Press the button 5 times quickly to turn it on. Wait for the light to turn red, then press and hold for three seconds until the light changes to green. Do the same to achieve a blue light. Red means you are at 360F, green stands of 380F, and blue light shows you are at 420F.

At this point, you will want to put one of the mouthpiece covers (supplied in your kit) over the mouthpiece to protect your lips from the heat. You can vaporize at any of these three temperatures. If you leave the device on, unattended for 10 minutes, it will go into standby mode automatically to prevent over-heating and conserve power.

Vapor Fi Orbit Kit

Changing the Mesh Screen

Every so often, remove the mouthpiece and unscrew the tiny screen from its place there. Take out the screen and replace it with a new one from the 5 supplied in your package. Screw it back in and replace the mouthpiece: that’s all it takes. Replacement mouthpieces cost $14.99. Packs of 5 mesh screens are priced $3.99.

Overall Price of a Starter Package and Replacements

Pick up the Orbit in black or red directly from VaporFi for around $100. It comes with a USB charger but you will have to buy an AC adapter separately if you want one. Replacement covers cost $6.99 each. Herbs are not included with this device and VaporFi does not carry any. Don’t try to use the Orbit for anything other than herbs: you will simply wreck it.

Customer Comments about the Orbit

Vapers are astonished that something so powerful can be so inexpensive. They are calling this excellent value for their money; worth every penny the PAX costs but for less than half the price. You will enjoy lots of vapor and a solid throat hit from this powerful, satisfying herbal vaporizer. They routinely give the Orbit 5 stars out of 5.



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