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OK… I have been ‘vaping‘ on electronic cigarettes for about a year and a half. I found one I like (The Joyetech Ego) And have not really strayed for from that since. I usually keep it to a mix of peppermint and cotton candy for flavors.

*Unhappy Update*: OK, this bums me out, but they are having issues with their batteries, and I had the same experience as a number of people reported. You can look at their Facebook page to see for yourself. I am in love with their style, flavors etc., but can’t recommend them with this battery issue, it’s pretty much a deal breaker.

Vapor Couture Batteries

I am not usually one for trying every new e-cig, or flavor that hits the market.

Until, I saw the Vapor Couture Deluxe kit. The moment I saw it online, I loved it. I loved all the color options, flavors, and accessories.

Vapor Couture is the first company to cater to women in the electronic cigarette world, and I would have to say, it worked.

For my two battery color choices, I went with ‘Rose Gold’ and ‘Deep Purple’ (pictured to the right).

I honestly could not be more impressed. The rose gold battery has this beautiful, peachy-colored Crystal tip, and the deep purple has a classic white crystal tip.

Although the crystals are different colors, both tips seem to have white LED’s inside, which compliment each Crystal color perfectly. My only problem now is, when I vape, I want to stand in front of a mirror to see these tips light up!

You get to pick two 5-packs of flavor cartridges with the Deluxe kit, and I went with ‘Arctic Mint’ and ‘Passion Fruit’. Both flavors blew me away.

I consider myself a mint connoisseur when it comes to e-cigs, since that’s been my primary flavor of choice for over a year. (I have tried many mint flavors that I was not crazy for).

Vapor Couture Arctic MintThe Arctic Mint is fantastic. Minty, yet not over-powering. Smooth, and a great after-taste. It’s like a perfect combination of peppermint and spearmint, without that burning ‘altoid-ish’ sensation from some others I have tried.

The Passion Fruit was just as impressive. I am not a fan of ‘artificial, doesn’t even taste like fruit’ flavors. But, this was different. It is refreshing, fun, subtle, and delicious. It does in fact resemble passion fruit taste, with some other exotic fruitful undertones.

The other appealing thing to me about Vapor Couture is not only do you have your choice of battery colors, (such as: brushed platinum, rose gold, deep purple and VC’s signature pattern). But also for their flavor cartridges! So I got all my cartridges in brushed aluminum, mix it up a little, how fun.

I mean, if the cost of cigarettes isn’t enough to influence your decision about giving these e-cig things a try, how about the appeal of an electronic cigarette, that is going to be one of your sexiest accessories?

I thought so :)

Lets also talk about the fact that this kit comes with a ‘lanyard’ in your choice of color from black, silver, pink, and purple. (I chose black). The VC logo on it, is a very pretty, polished silver charm, and it also has a clasp accessory attached to it, that you can hang your new, sophisticated electronic cigarette from.

Well, I noticed right away, that if you take off the e-cig holder/thing, it is the PERFECT length to wrap around your wrist, as a bracelet! This is not some boring lanyard, you would get for free at a football game or something, but this is actually something I would buy, as a bracelet. Genius.

Here’s a quick video of me opening the starter kit the moment it arrived:

Also, one last, but impressive thing to note with this luxurious, deluxe kit, is the case it comes with.

Vapor Couture ClutchVapor Couture calls their e-cig carrying case a ‘clutch’ and for good reason.

This ‘clutch’ is stunning. (It absolutely resembles a Coach Clutch Wallet).

With color choices of bronze, black, or brown, I went with black. Classic and chic.

It is shiny, has textured black material with a gorgeous, polished silver VC badge on the front.

A magnetic clasp and a extremely useful button clasp pocket on the back (for a cell phone, credit card or cash).

This kit is worth getting, just to get such a stylish, useful clutch!



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