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A new 3 in 1 vaping pen by V2Cigs is taking the personal vaporizer space by storm.

Using the latest technology, the V2 Pro is a sleek, effective vape pen that ensures a high quality experience and vapor delivery system like no other.

Here’s the Series 3 Kit

V2 Pro Series 3 Kit

This new product (which will be released summer of 2014), can vaporize e-liquid, dry herbs/leaf tobacco and nicotine wax.


They have been released!

Check them out at

Vaping With The V2 Pro Series 3

It has not been a month since V2 Cigs released their Pro Series 3 vaporizer and already there are suggestions it will be overtaken in popularity and features, but not by another brand. V2 Cigs will release the Pro Series 7 in the autumn of 2014 and Series 9 in January of 2015.

These items will bring another variable voltage option to the 3-in-1 market (the iTaste VV V3.0 and the Budy are V2’s nearest competition in this). In the meantime, be satisfied with what V2 offers right now. In fact, do not just be satisfied; enjoy it. The Pro Series 3 is the type of device it now seems all pen-style vapes were meant to be, in hindsight anyway.

Where Hype Meets High Class

V2 Cigs did something amazing with cartridge-battery connections. They took away screw threading, even snap-in connections, and replaced them both with magnetic compatibility. In other words, until someone designs a copy of this unit (and someone will), only V2 Pro Series cartridges work with their magnetic Pro Series batteries.

V2 has created an easy way to link both sides seamlessly and without wearing out threads, but also a simple way to keep vapers returning to V2 for new parts. They can’t mix and match brands, but the company creates a high quality device users won’t want to replace.

This is a pen-style vape. Everything you have read about these electronic devices is still worth thinking about: they often combust materials instead of vaporizing them. A Pro Series 3, however, is set apart by the fact that it will not overheat. The battery knows when to stop.

Using the V2 Pro Series 3

Now that users have had a chance to try this device and comment on it they say its draw is smooth and there are no complex features. It is simple to use in spite of the high-tech allure of its slim shape and built-in temperature settings. When an atomizer connects to the battery, the battery knows if it is a loose leaf, e liquid, or (in the fall of 2014) an essential oil atomizer. The Pro Series battery adjusts temperature between 160C and 180C according to what does the best job with the appropriate material.

Reading the V2 Pro Series 3 Vaporizer

Press a button to activate the atomizer and then wait, watching the LED light as it lights up red, then yellow, and finally green. Green means go ahead and vape: you have reached the best temperature. To get to the right figure, hold the button in. That’s all it takes. A 650-mAh battery ensures you have the power to hit those top temperatures in seconds. The mouthpiece is soft and feels good; not hard like some tips.

With e liquid in the covered cartridge, you would be wondering how much was left with every few drags if not for the window. This shows you what remains inside, but discretely. In fact, the Pro Series looks so much like a writing instrument you could be accused of chewing your pen.

Buy the Starter Kit

A kit for the Pro Series 3 costs $59.99 which gives you a battery, e liquid cartridge, and a charger. To add either an herbal or essential oil cartridge, you pay $24.99. E liquid costs $16.95 for 25 ml and comes in 12 flavors. Lots of other accessories are available too, like extra chargers, but you’ll really like the USB charging cord. It also features a light indicator to show the status of your battery.

What Comes Closest?

Besides an iTaste battery, the most similar devices are other 3-in-1 vaping pens like the Skyclouds Kandypen and others. In the e cig market, only White Rhino makes similarly shaped items, but V2 isn’t threatened by that brand. Their closest rival offering a vaporizer is Vaporfi, whose recently released Orbit is a portable herb vaporizer in a completely different, one-piece style like the PAX.

Here’s our first look at this new device:

Here is the pre-release teaser video:

Now they have created a new video going more in depth about this amazing vaporizer, check it out.

This thing is much more technologically advanced than first meets the eye:


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