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Inside our V2 Cigs review, you’ll find a non-expiring coupon code for 15% off all starter kits and 10% off anything else.  These last forever, and as the top rated brand, this is a must read review.

This company came from nowhere in 2010 to become the best electronic cigarette brand in the world. 

Here’s what makes V2 Cigs the most in-demand brand:

  • Your entire order process is entirely customizable.
  • The company runs frequent sales, almost bi-monthly, making their low prices even more attractive.
  • The most impressive PCC by any e-cig brand.  Sleek, classy, and performs at a very high level.
  • V2 Cigs is by far the most popular brand with all types of smokers.

V2 Cigs is based in Miami, Florida, and has a world class facility that designs every product, component, and cartridge in a state of the art environment.  Like Apple, they “design in Florida” and “manufacture in China.”  You will not be disappointed with the web’s leading e-cigarette brand.

Buy Online: http://v2cigs.com

V2 is one of the leading brands available to e-smokers, and our pick for best e-cigarette of 2014. V2 is also rated as America’s #1 e cig brand. They boast an Alexa rating as the #1 ecigarette website, and in 2013 their net worth is set to exceed 100 million.

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  • FlavorTastes like a real cigarette, and we think it tastes even better than the real thing! Awesome vapor that hits you in the back of the throat, like a real cigarette.
  • ChoicesExcellent selection, both for flavors, not too many, and numerous accessories and mods, such as mini tanks, and more powerful batteries.
  • PriceGreat price, the best priced high quality cartridges out there, and they additionally have e-liquid (very few top brands do), which is a crazy savings.
  • QualityExcessive, obsessive, ridiculous attention to quality standards and testing. We know because we have seen their facility with our own eyes, it’s off the charts! 

Visit V2Cigs.com here.

V2 Charger CaseThey offer a lifetime warranty on their products, 30-day money back guarantee, worldwide shipping, and rewards for purchases and referrals.

Their website is helpful and their products get strong ratings from customers. Read this V2 Cigs review for more information.


We’ve tried all the V2 flavors, and we have rave reviews about them.

They have more than one straight tobacco blend, for anyone looking to tweak their regular flavors, and they hit on a bunch of nice dessert flavors.

Their Red flavor is one of our absolute top picks anywhere, and their others are nothing to scoff at. We do have our own specific top picks as well, and you can read about that on our e-liquid flavors page.


V2 Cartridge Flavors

Here’s a List Of Their Flavors:

  • Red (similar to Marlboro red)
  • Coffee
  • Chocolate
  • Vanilla
  • Mint Green Tea
  • Sahara Tobacco Blend
  • Peppermint
  • Congress Tobacco Blend
  • Cherry
  • Cola


V2 E Juice


V2 Cartridges

Switching with Ease

If you are a long-time smoker and want to enjoy a similar experience to what you are used to, V2 gives you a guided tour. Three tobacco flavors are designed to taste similar to existing smokes, the kinds you used to purchase before turning to the healthier, environmentally friendlier option.

Congress Tobacco is similar to Parliament cigs. Opt for Red if you were a Marlboro smoker. Sahara satisfies individuals who preferred Camels. We think they did extremely well with all their tobacco flavors. For more traditional flavors they also have a great menthol flavor.

v2 red marlboroTheir Red 18 is one of the best tobacco flavors out there according to tons of reviews, and one of our favorites of all time.

For people who smoked because they were addicted but never really liked the flavor, nicotine has taken on new style with V2 e cigs.

Cola is an unusual entry here; something you do not see everywhere else, and it is quite tasty. It is more like a generic cola as opposed to say Coke or Pepsi, but we enjoyed it very much!

Vanilla, coffee, and chocolate are becoming ubiquitous, so it is good that V2 gives you those choices. It would be a shame to find a brand you like for other reasons but which fails to deliver your favorite flavors. Mint tea, peppermint, and cherry round-out the selection.

If you are new to e-cigarettes, you will likely find it very enjoyable to have something like a dessert flavor after dinner. Nothing like a nice V2 vanilla or coffee with your cappuccino, and in some restaurants, depending where you are, you may even be able to enjoy it right at the table!

This isn’t always the case with every brand, but we like every flavor they produce.

V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - #1 Ecig Brand Worldwide!

Special and Seasonal Flavors (Watch For These!)

V2 Special FlavorsThen there are often special flavors, and given that we are in holiday season at the time of this post, V2 has come up with a cinnamon flavor for the holiday season, and we love it!

They also had a Pumpkin Spice flavor in the fall which was very yummy!


It is industry standard to provide nicotine levels from 0% to 2.4%. The V2 Cigs brand keeps up with this standard, offering graduated nicotine levels in between. They give you quality assurance with a nicotine-liquid batch number so you can check that it is up to standard.


Let V2 explain the battery question: what is the difference between automatic and manual batteries? In the case of e cigs, this describes the link between vapor release and power.

Consumers can either release vapor by puffing on the cigarette (automatically) or by pressing a button (manually).

V2 offers both choices, but extends the range to include short, regular, and long batteries.

V2 E Cig Batteries

This does two things: changes the way a cigarette looks and alters the amount of power available when batteries are fully charged.

The smallest battery gives you more than 160 puffs.

The standard offers 200+ puffs. Get 300 or more puffs out of a long battery. Choose silver, black, or blue.


V2 Ex BlanksOther Options and Accessories

They carry a lot of real sharp accessories and options, between color selection, and accessories such as their portable carrying case.

Also they have the EX Blanks (pictured here) which are clear mini tank systems that are super easy to refill, don’t leak, and then you always know how much e-juice is left in the cartridge.

Carrying Cases and Portable Charging Cases

They have some beautiful carrying cases and charging cases:

V2 E Cig Cases

V2 Starter Kits

It is essential for an e cig company to offer starter kits. They reduce the cost of each piece as compared with buying them one at a time. There are a few V2 kits to choose from, including a basic kit to learn the ropes.

They carry a starter kit for everyone, and the price range is from $34.95-$169.96. (Use our coupon code savenow at checkout for 15% off their starter kits).

They also have the most comprehensive starter kit on the planet – The Ultimate Kit (see video  and image below).

You can really dive in with their starter kits to create the perfect one for your needs. If you are new, the main thing that we’d point out is to make sure you get 2 batteries.

Buying V2 Cigs Starter Kits

Assume that after doing the research, you were led to choose V2 Cigs as your brand of cigalike. There are three ways to go about trying their products. One is to order a set of disposable cigs in a pack of three or more. Another is to buy their power cig with pre-filled cartridges. The third is to purchase a V2 Cigs starter kit.

Where to Buy Kits

Apart from their menthol and tobacco disposables (which you can buy singly at some gas stations and convenience stores), the other products can only be purchased directly from V2 Cigs. Whereas Joyetech and Kanger are offered by some e-tailers, starter cigs are rarely sold anywhere but their brand sites. The good thing about that is you deal directly with V2 Cigs if you have any problems and benefit from their warranty.

V2 E-Cig Starter Kit

Starter Kits Available

Here is the easy way to compare starter kits: check out their chart on the website. This handy visual device shows you at a glance what each kit comes with or does not include and how many of each.

Apart from the Couples Kit, every set features just one USB charger (smart or express charger depending on the package) and a wall charger, if it is included. As for batteries, you get anything from 1 to 4 (a couples kit carries the most), but for a single’s package there are as many as three. Cartridge numbers range from 5 to 25.

Special items are not featured in most kits, like a disposable (with the Beginners Kit), a PCC (in the Standard Plus), or a PCC XL (the Ultimate).

Which is the Best Value Kit?

Overall, your best priced package is probably the V2 Cigs Standard Plus Starter Kit. This one costs $99.95 and comes with two batteries, 20 cartridges, a wall adaptor, Smart Charger, and PCC. That last item is worth more than 1/2 of the whole price on its own, at least by V2 prices, which are high.

A PCC (Portable Charging Case) charges your batteries while you are on the go. Just charge the case and put your batteries inside. This is also one way to store batteries when you travel. Vapers just love this item and consider it a major plus when any company carries one or offers it in their starter kits. Lots of e-cig firms are not yet carrying these.

Those 20 cartridges in 4 packages of 5 (customers choose flavor and strength for each package) also add to the relatively good value of this V2 Cigs starter. I would say that V2 Cigs is overpriced generally. You have to add some figures up for yourself and not trust the value they say a kit would be worth with items sold separately. Sometimes their math doesn’t add up and it appears they are counting on customers not doing their own arithmetic.

V2 Cigs Ultimate Kit

The V2 Ultimate is fully loaded. It comes with 3 batteries, 25 cartridges, and an XL PCC. There is also a metal case and power cig included, plus a lanyard. The XL PCC is nice, but not necessary.

A carry case is very good for remaining organized and protecting items so they stay clean and so that, if you use manual batteries, they are not accidentally turned on. This wastes your battery and threatens to overheat it too. A lanyard is a nice touch too!

V2 E Cigs Ultimate Starter Kit

A Couples Kit

Couples Kits sound like they are made for a husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend, but that’s where you are only partly right. Lots of customers buy this kit because it contains two of everything they are going to need.

An extra USB or adaptor gives you something to leave at work or mom’s house. Extra batteries always come in handy. Everyone needs more cartridges in fairly short order. They run out faster than you think, being filled with less than 1ml of juice.

Power Cig

Although not listed on the chart, V2 Cigs Power Cig is included on the starter kit page and in the Ultimate Kit. It costs $24.95 when sold with 5 cartridges, which is pretty good value.

V2 Power Cig

A Power Cig doesn’t rely on battery power but is attached by a long (over 7 feet) cord to your USB.

Use the port on your desktop (hence the long cord) at work or your laptop, or even a car adaptor if you have one. Customers find that because there is no battery drain or failure, as long as there is lots of liquid in a cartridge, vapor and flavor remain consistent.

V2 Cigs Power Cig With Cartomizer


One plus about buying a V2 Cigs Starter Kit is that you can choose automatic or manual batteries. Whether you feel strongly in favor of one or the other, you have the choice, which is rarely true with other mini cigs of this kind.

Build your Own Starter Kit

If you wanted to build a Starter Kit of your own, here is how the pricing would look. A Soft case costs $20.70. You can buy the PCC, but a regular is $51.84 and the XL costs $62.22. They come in white or black and feature different colored lights to indicate battery charge and case charge.

You need cartridges: these are about $15 per pack of 5 or can be purchased in bulk for less.

Batteries are sold separately. A Power Cig can be purchased without cartridges, plus a charger and adaptor. If you took this approach, buying a V2 Cigs starter kit of your own configuration, it would cost well in excess of the pre-packaged price for a Standard, Ultimate, etc.

You can also add on a lanyard which is a nice convenient way to carry your e-cig on the go


V2 Lanyard

Lanyard With E-Cig

V2 Lanyard With E-Cig

Starter Kit Limitations

There are also limitations to V2 starter kits. The biggest one is the lack of a second battery in the Beginners Kit for $34.95. The addition of a disposable will probably keep you going between charges for a day or two, but that’s it. Your Express charger works quickly, but batteries drain quickly too. You need a second battery, not ten cartridges.

V2 EX Carbon Fiber BatteryNew And Innovative

V2 is always upping the ante with their innovative products and options. The latest in their line-up is the new EX Battery.

These come in a couple different designs, such as carbon fiber (what we have and what you see pictured here), and a couple other really sharp deigns.

Below is a video of their Ultimate Starter Kit, which comes with everything you need in a kit!

Use these V2 Cigs Coupons With Your Purchase:

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Visit their site: http://v2cigs.com


Here’s a video of their Ultimate Starter Kit:



V2 Also Sells E-Liquid For Refilling Your Own E-Cig:

V2 Cigs E Liquid

You Can Also Purchase a V2 Disposable:

V2 Cigs Disposable

This is a great way to try them out, and they sell them in samplers, where you can also try a Zig Zag Disposable:

Zig Zag Disposable E Cig

Here are all the different EX Batteries you can choose from:

V2 Cigs Ex Batteries

Here’s a video of the EX Battery:


They also carry Drip Tips:

V2 Cigs Drip Tips


Here is a vid of their Drip Tips:


As you can see, they hit on a lot of things, but they also don’t over do it. They have a number of accessories, and they are all very functional.  (Especially the new Ex Cartridges!)

They also have an incredible system of quality control and testing. We’ve had the privilege to tour their facility in Miami, and we were absolutely blown away with how much testing they do, and their facilities are impeccable.

You can be assured that V2 is full steam ahead with keeping up to standard, and keeping up with the evolving needs of vapers.

If you’re on the market, do yourself a favor, head over to http://v2cigs.com (the official website and thus you buy your e-cigs direct), and at the very least get their basic kit, or a disposable sampler and try out these products, you will be amazed how much they are like an actual cigarette!

V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - So Satisfying Won't Believe It's Not Smoke!

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