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South Beach Smoke recently released three new products: vaporizers, to be precise. They already carry an e cig with two sizes of battery and the Air vaporizer in three sizes (350 mAh, 650 mAh, and 900 mAh). South Beach Smoke sells lots of pre-filled cartomizers too. Now you can also purchase the Storm, Curve, and Thunder. The following will be a review of the Thunder Variable Voltage Vaporizer.

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South Beach Smoke ThunderWhere the Storm and Curve are colorful members of the eGo family, the Thunder is a more advanced device. It offers voltage control and a 1300-mAh battery. The tank can be adjusted for more air or less air and it has a dual coil which creates lower resistance.

At the bottom of the battery is the slightly tilted South Beach Smoke logo etched into black or stainless steel. No-nonsense looks will give you confidence in the product.

Voltage is controlled by pressing one large button three times in quick succession. From there, move the value from 3.7 volts to 4.2 or 4.8 volts, stopping when the color indicates a value: white for 3.7, green for 4.2, and red for 4.8 volts. Pressing the button 5 times quickly in 2 seconds turns your Thunder on or off.

Once on, press and hold the button to activate your atomizer. Press this for no longer than 10 seconds at a time. If you press for too long, the battery will automatically turn off.

The atomizer on your 1.7-ml tank offers 1.8 ohms resistance for warm vapor. The atomizer is easy to change. Your kit for $99.99 contains the tank, battery, USB charger, and a wall adapter.

First Impressions

Aesthetically the Thunder is impressively straightforward; a solid piece of metal which could be mistaken for some other kind of hardware. Appearance-wise, it has more in common with the equally straightforward Air vaporizer, but your overall look is subject to change with the latest feature at South Beach Smoke, an enjoyable extra not seen before from e cig companies: a Build Your Own page.

South Beach Smoke Custom BuilderBuild Your Own Thunder

Every South Beach Smoke tank or clearomizer for their four vaporizers can be used with every South Beach Smoke vaporizer battery. That means if you prefer the airflow control tank from a Thunder but want a colorful 650-mAh battery to go with it, the Storm battery would suit your purpose.

Change that battery to one with an LED display screen (but no variable voltage). Alter the size of your Storm battery while maintaining the stainless steel or black tank on top.

Switch to a Thunder battery but adopt different lines for the top: a sexy Curve tank boasting a vibrant shade of green. Every color goes nicely with silver or black.

The great thing about this interactive feature is that as you select a device, its shape and the color you chose come up on the right and you can see what the pieces would look like together before finalizing your selection by adding chargers, atomizers, or liquid.

South Beach Smoke also Sells E Liquid

You can now buy e liquid in 30-ml bottles at South Beach Smoke. Their menu contains marshmallow, Mojito, watermelon, various tobacco, menthol, and coffee vapes. For $14.99, you select from a range of nicotine values including 2.4% at the top and zero at the bottom. Make up your own juice selection choosing three types of e liquid from their huge list of choices.

Before long, your Thunder e cig will be kicking out mountainous clouds of vapor made especially thick by low-resistance dual coils and a high setting on your variable voltage battery. It’s not as fancy as a Pulse (no screen) and not as advanced as the Provari (not as wide a selection from lowest to highest voltage), but the Thunder doesn’t cost as much either.


South Beach Smoke Build Your Own Vaporizer Kit

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