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South Beach Smoke is a sister company of Vaporfi so similarities don’t catch customers off guard. It has not been a surprise to see South Beach Smoke add e liquid to their catalogue and give it the South Beach Smoke label even though you know this is American-made Vaporfi e liquid.

It comes as no shock to see they added a vaporizer known as the Air to their lineup for the same price as the Vaporfi Air (even though they are different shapes). Now there are three new vaporizers on the docket at South Beach Smoke, one of which looks very familiar.

The South Beach Smoke Storm

For $49.99, customers of South Beach Smoke cigalikes can trade in their tiny e cigs for 650-mAh or 1100-mAh Storm starter kits. The battery comes with an LCD screen if you want to pay $5 more, but it is not a variable voltage device. It’s unclear what the screen will depict (probably your battery charge and puff counts). Colors include the bright and the subtle, plus a camouflage option. In the kit you get a single battery, one tank, a USB charger, wall adapter, and two atomizers: one in the tank and a spare.

Even the price is familiar: this is the Pro Colors starter kit but with a new color (camouflage), though it’s the same set up. There is no e liquid but the price is fair when you remember this is a brand name device, and brands like Vaporfi et al always charge more than Chinese manufacturers.

Replacements for the Storm

The Storm cartomizer with a viewing window in one of 10 colors costs $14.99. You can also use the battery with any of the other clearomizers by South Beach Smoke such as the Air, a clear tank ($9.99), the rounded Curve clearomizer, or a Thunder tank. A Storm 650-mAh battery costs $24.99. Pay $27.99 for 1100 mAh, or buy an LCD battery for $29.99. The 1100-mAh variable voltage Storm battery is priced $29.99.

Customizable Kit

South Beach Smoke also offers customers the chance to build their own vaporizer using a fun program, like a robot-building kids’ game. Connect a Thunder battery to a Clear Tank or a Curve battery to a Thunder tank. Change colors and move things around. Try out all sorts of combinations while the price adds up in one corner. You don’t pay for the game, but if you want to buy mismatched gear you can see what it would look like before signing over your money.

Why Buy from South Beach Smoke?

There isn’t much difference between South Beach Smoke and Vaporfi. Buy from either one and you will enjoy the benefits owning a good product sold by a company that prides itself on forming excellent customer relationships.

Your main motivations for choosing South Beach Smoke will be the ability to order from a company you already have dealings with and the option to mix and match parts from devices unlike those Vaporfi carries (the Curve, for instance). If you bought your cigalike starter kit from South Beach Smoke and have always enjoyed doing business with this company, stick with them. Keep building and using reward points.

You can even buy bottles of e liquid from South Beach Smoke. And then, when you want more power and the option to vary voltage, South Beach Smoke is still there for you with their Thunder Vaporizer. The transition from new to experienced vaper will be painless.


12% Discount For Hardware

12% Discount for Hardware

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