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Since 2010, South Beach Smoke has been enormously popular.  Offering a wide variety of flavors and accessories, what’s not to like?  Our review uncovers everything you need to know.

The three of us have spent countless hours using South Beach Smoke’s batteries, cartridges, and accessories.

Here’s what makes South Beach Smoke a Top E-Cig brand:

  • Incredible batteries with amazing vapor production.
  • Huge selection of highly innovative accessories.
  • Wide variety of flavors, including tobacco blends and exotic flavors like Peach and Pina Colada.

This brand makes our top three because it’s 1) been around for a while 2) has a great reputation on the Customer Service side, and 3) makes an incredible product.

One aspect of the South Beach Smoke website which jumps out at the viewer is its connections with certain high-profile media. Seeing that the product has featured on MTV, in OK Magazine, and in the New York Post automatically gives the consumer confidence in the product.

Plus, they are made by the International Vapor Group, a very reputable company that owns several large retail and internet e-cig brands.

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 South Beach Smoke Customizeable Vape Pens

Why Should You Buy South Beach Smoke?

It’s a top brand, obviously.  The quality of the batteries, cartridges, and all components make it an easy choice.  The affordability is also key, and they have constant sales, making it a brand that once you try, you’ll probably stick with for a very long time, if not forever.  Further, the customer service is over-the-top.  Response times are rapid and very friendly.

Facebook Connections

If you like to stay connected with other users of e cigs, South Beach Smoke wants to encourage you to “like” them on Facebook. Use social media to win prizes and take advantage of fan-only sales.

Silicone TipSouth Beach Smoke E Cig

With the number of products listing “anti-leak” technology one has to assume there is a problem with juice leaking out of cigs while people smoke. The SBS mouth piece is fitted with a silicone tip. The small hole prevents leakage and creates a sensation much like that of ordinary smoking.

VaporFlo™ Technology

According to the company website, not many makers of e cigs build VaporFlo™ Technology into their products. This addition creates an even flow of vapor and flavor.

In other words, without it the flow would be strong sometimes, weak at others. You want each mouthful to taste as good as every other. Without this feature you might notice that the experience weakens towards the end of a cartridge’s life.

The Cartridge

It is an unusual part of the makeup of this cig that the cartridge and atomizer are one piece. When you replace the cartridge, you also replace the atomizer. Each time you refill the cigarette with a new flavor cartridge, the heating element is completely fresh.

South Beach Smoke Portable Charging CasePortable Charging Case

One really cool accessory South Beach Smoke offers is their portable charging case, which charges your batteries on the run. It has some cool features such as two LED lights, and a display letting you know the battery life of the ecigs as well as the charge left on the case.  It looks just like an actual cigarette pack, only more durable.

Battery Power

Your battery has an extended life span so you spend less time recharging it. The purpose of having multiple batteries is that your electronic smoking experience is not interrupted by the fact that you have to recharge, but it is still great to have a longer time between charges.

To be sure you always know when it is time to change the battery, a crystal tip at the end gives you a warning. It also lights up when you puff, recreating the traditional smoking experience of watching the glowing embers brighten at the end of an old-fashioned smoke. To further replicate this experience in a healthier, greener way, purchase a “cigarette-paper” battery.  The Crystal tip is a nice touch and it differentiates South Beach Smoke from other brands in the e-cig industry.

South Beach Smoke FlavorsFlavors

The assortment of flavors for South Beach Smoke electronic cigarettes is fairly standard. You can select from three types of tobacco, such as tobacco gold and tobacco blue as well as menthol, plus some special options. Chocolate, cherry, and vanilla are becoming prosaic, so they must be popular.

SBS has made a good move including them and not trying to be too different. Peppermint is also a regular favorite. Pina colada is featured among some other brands for a tropical addition to their line, but peach is an unusual selection you might not see elsewhere, or not commonly at least.


As always, nicotine levels vary to satisfy consumers who want the full hit, individuals who want a bit less, people whose smokes should only give them a slight buzz, and users who are giving up on nicotine but not on smoking.

South Beach Smoke DisposableStarter Kits and Disposables

An economical way to start e-smoking if you have never approached this option before is to try some disposable cigs from SBS. One e cig is the same as two packs of regular cigs.

You do nothing with the item to get it started and you do not have to put it together: it comes ready to use in whatever flavor you want.

South Beach Smoke sells disposable electronic cigarettes: one-time e cigs that do not come apart unless you force them apart, potentially breaking the battery and causing a hazard. They were designed as a means of introducing e cigs to the cautious public in an affordable way.

As disposables are handy for traveling, you can purchase them in larger packs.

They have a number of starter kits also, from a very basic kit for $21.99 all the way up to their Deluxe Ultimate Starter Kit which comes with everything.

To progress towards rechargeable, environment-friendly e-smoking, browse the SBS selection of starter kits or visit southbeachsmoke.com

They have created several starter kits. These are attractive to new vapers, firstly because they take the confusion out of figuring out what you need to begin vaping. What exactly are the necessary pieces? For smokers who are just dabbling for now and continuing to smoke, a small kit is best. A more serious consumer wants a more extensive package.

South Beach Smoke Starter Kit: The List

Here is what you can buy from South Beach Smoke: a Reusable Express Kit, a Deluxe Starter, the Deluxe Plus Kit, a Deluxe Ultimate, or the Deluxe Couples.

With a Reusable Express Kit a customer receives one rechargeable battery as opposed to the one-time battery that comes with a disposable mini cig. It also features a USB charger and two cartridges, menthol or tobacco.

If this sounds useless, it will be for a lot of people owing to the single battery. Buying a replacement brings this nearly up to the price of the first starter kit, but with fewer cartridges.

This Express package, however, could be good for someone tempted just to try vaping and recharging a battery. He is still smoking and on the fence about vaping. Or, this is an affordable gift to tempt a smoker in your life with the notion of clean vapor.

The Deluxe Starter, priced $59.99, provides a second battery. One is the standard size, the other is a SuperMax. Expect it to be longer and heavier, but that’s what you get for extra power. You won’t be sorry to accept a slight change of image because the charge lasts longer.

A lot of consumers will be tempted by the Deluxe Plus package with its power cigarette, universal carry case, and adaptor for the car. It costs $89.99 with 10 pre-filled cartridges. Any non-smoker might gasp, but smokers spend a wad of money on analogs and many won’t be concerned about $90.

With a Deluxe Ultimate Kit, a third battery is included: another SuperMax. The best thing about this kit is the portable charging case that stores a battery and cartridges while charging your battery in a wireless format.

You have to charge it at home first, but that charge will last long enough to prepare another battery for a long day away from any power source. At $159.99, it costs almost double the set above it, and that’s a serious investment. Consider this if you are sure South Beach Smoke is right for you.

The last set is for couples, but you don’t have to prove you’re married or anything. A lot of far-sighted consumers purchase the Couples Kit because it contains two Deluxe Starter Kits and a pair of car chargers for $109.99 ($118.98 is two times the Deluxe Starter price). Not only is it cheaper to buy two, but you are prepared for when batteries and cartridges run out, have extra chargers for multiple locations, or can give out some items as gifts.

South Beach Smoke pricing will be difficult to match or beat. Even Bull Smoke’s $5 disposables (sold in one flavor and strength) are not as inexpensive, but you can buy them one at a time. South Beach Smoke sells packages of 3 or more. $11.99 for three works out to $4 per e cig. Although not rechargeable, these units can be disposed of at battery recycling locations.

Shop Online: http://www.southbeachsmoke.com

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