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Grand Forks, North Dakota, is not vaping central, but the town has made a start. SnG Vapor sells general purpose products for consumers who wish to start or continue vaping at any stage. Visit their website and discover a long list of e-liquids as well as electronic equipment in abundance.

Many E-Liquid Lines: SnG Vapor Review

Juices at SnG belong to lines like Java Perk Ups, Forbidden Fruits, and 4 Horsemen. Names reflect these themes. Avarice, from their Se7en series, tastes of melons. Famine (peach) is a 4 Horsemen flavor. Right here you’ve got sin and apocalypse, but that sounds worse than it really is.

Chai Summer Blend is chai tea with a cool edge. Campfire S’mores doesn’t take much imagination. Select Cheerio Java with cappuccino, caramel, and Irish cream if mornings are not your thing and you need coffee just to get started. Conquest evokes pipe tobacco, vanilla, and salted caramel (much the same as RY4). Juices are mixed when ordered, come in 10, 30, 60, and 120ml bottles, and they are always adding new varieties of e-juice.

A 15-ml glass bottle is priced $10. If a flavor is notorious for breaking plastic tubes, customers are told to use only a glass tank. Flavors are handcrafted from what SnG describes as high-grade, premium, food-grade ingredients.

This is a little bit vague for my liking. “High-grade” is not synonymous with natural, organic, USP, or anything else with certification to back it up. Nor is there a description of their facilities which I find unnerving. When they refer to the “4 Horsemen,” my mind can’t help but turn to doom.

Electronics for Vapers

Choose a pen-style, customizable kit for $55. It contains two ego Twist batteries, two iClear clearomizers, a charger, and an adapter. The iTaste Leo for $50 is packaged with a 1000mAh pass-through battery, 5 iClear 16 clearos, and the chargers.

The iTaste VV/VW forms the basis for another, $50 starter kit. Their prices are comparable with others in this department. Consider this: a pass-through battery on its own could take up more than ½ what the iTaste Leo starter kit is worth.

Atomizers, Mods, Etc.

An X-Fire Flare sells for $90. Choose the deadly-looking Black Hawk Panzer for $100. A Hades goes for $70. The Swig VV Mod is on sale for $25: way below retail price. The choice of products at SnG is a little unusual, but it is good to have choices, especially at these prices.

RBAs and RDAs in this list range from $30 to $40. SnG Vapor has the Enigma ($30), Gold-plated Caterpillar ($30), Gamma ($40), Gold Nimbus by EHPro, Kraken, Omega, Patriot Clone, and the Trident Clone. Their extensive selection and variety of rebuildable and dripping atomizers shows that SnG is ready to serve advanced vapers. If they know their products, these guys should know how to help customers trouble-shoot.

An Artistic Bent

You see it in their drip tips before even encountering their “art” section. SnG tips include some made of glass and wood besides aluminum and acrylic examples. Anyone can sell acrylic ming drip tips, but not everyone has wooden examples.

Under the heading for “art” is a series of works representing electronic cigarettes. Thankfully, these are not $1,000 originals but $5 prints. Instead of a hoodie, cap, or t-shirt, you could represent your enjoyment of vaping by putting these up in your living room.

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