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Smoktech is a favorite with e smokers because the name is usually associated with quality and good pricing. Their products are typically in stock as they are made in large quantities, and these quantities help to drive prices down. Most importantly, vapers with Smoktech products are usually content, even passionate, when it comes to their devices like the Zmax, SID, and Magneto. In this Smoktech review, I want to look at a couple of accessories.

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(they have a nice selection of SMOK items)

Get a Kick out of Smoktech

First of all, there is the Kick, a small device for boosting power for a 3.7volt mod. It costs $14.99 but allows vapers to adapt equipment instead of buying new mods with more power. The Kick can only be used with IMR batteries and metal mods, but when you have the right combination, your personal vaping unit will work with higher resistance atomizers and works from 3 to 12 watts. Expect it to work with Smoktech units.

Here is the strange thing: consumers either received duds or were ecstatic with their purchases. They love it or they could not use it and had to return their DOA device. There is no middle ground here, nor was the occasional unhappy customer an anomaly. This is the exception where Smoktech is concerned. Most people get what they pay for, perhaps better.

Thanks for DC Tanks

For Smoktech’s 510 DC tanks, reviews are consistently positive. Tanks hold 3.5ml or 6ml of liquid each, with resistance of 1.5 or 2.5ohm. They are clear or Smoky Black: nothing fancy to look at. Smoktech 510 DC tanks work with any PG liquid or PG/VG blend, but not a full or dominantly VG liquid owing to its thickness, apparently.

Threading is compatible with eGo and 510 batteries making this a big hit and a hot seller, though not for appearance’s sake. There is nothing elegant about the tank, certainly not the plain black features.

But should you care? Apparently, the 510 DC hardly ever stops working because Smoktech uses 3ohm coils for 1.5ohm resistance, creating extra heat. If your other tanks have sometimes failed, consider switching to Smoktech instead of regularly replacing coils.

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