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Smokeless Image makes an electronic cigarette known as a Volt. That name is well chosen because it points to the fact that you’re not smoking; you are vaping electronically. In spite of all the controversy suggesting vaping pens might not be as safe as watchdogs would like, there’s no arguing that it’s a lot better than smoking. Learn more about the Smokeless Image Volt.

Starter Kits

There are a couple beginner’s kits is available from Volt. One is called a Zip Kit, presumably because the battery looks like a Zippo lighter. Pay $25 for the kit with four filters, a USB charger, and one battery.

You can only buy the kit in two flavors: Ice Menthol or Country Tobacco, but that’s nothing new. Most companies making small starter kits like the Zip supply just two flavor choices but only half as many filters. Smokeless Image has chosen a fair price point for this product.

There are two more basic kits, called ‘Pack Kits’, each with the very basic essentials to get you started with a rechargeable e-cig.

Then they carry the Basic, Standard and Pro Starter Kits. These all come with standard sized batteries, the basic with one, and the others with two batteries, charging accessories and flavors cartridges, and all are quite farily priced.

Here is what comes in the basic starter kit:

Smokeless Image Volt Starter Kit

Replacement Pieces

Regular batteries look like cylinders, and that’s what regular Volt batteries look like too. Pay $12.95 for each one and $8.95 to replace filters with five more but with lots of flavor choices.

$12.95 for a battery is pretty steep when you see what retailers charge for generic batteries, but they come in a few colors and are reported to last longer than some competitors’ batteries.

More Power

Smokeless Image also makes a Volt MVP 2.0 VV/VW. The kit costing $69.95 contains a 2600mAh battery, 30mls of e-liquid, a beauty ring, and 2 Volt tanks. Replacement tanks are sold in 6 colors.

An MVP provides advanced vaping. You can set the voltage or wattage and will see on the little screen what setting you chose. Read how many puffs you’ve taken and how much power remains in your battery.

What Consumers Think

The Volt mini cig is popular enough to be carried by at least one generic e-cig retailer when most companies start with a 510 e-cig or skip to eGos with high-powered batteries. That says a lot about how much vapor it produces and how well batteries last. Many brands are notorious for supplying batteries that die quickly either right from the box or after being recharged just a few times.

There could be more starter kits to help new vapers begin using e-cigs and giving up on cigarettes. Perhaps other packages seem gimmicky with their cases and lanyards and PCCs, but some of them provide excellent value.

The other way to try a Smokeless Image Volt without buying the kit is to order one disposable for $6.95 or 5 of them for $5.95 each. A lot of consumers begin their research this way. It might not be environmentally ideal or economically efficient, but one disposable can save a lot of waste if it turns out you don’t like their flavors or style.

Here is an unboxing video so you can have a look inside the kit:

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