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Have you been considering e cigs in the past few months, maybe wondering if these little products are worth all the fuss? Do you currently smoke? There are dozens of e cig brands on the market, leaving you with the question of whom to trust with your money and, potentially, with your well-being.

Below you will read about one company — Smoke Stik — which competes with other cigalikes. Their website offers help to the brand new vaper and the vaper who wants to switch brands. Read what they have to say and shop knowledgeably.

Smoke Stik Pitbull batterySmoke Stik Review

Cigalikes are e cigs that look like cigarettes. They do not create smoke, however, because one does not light these little tubes on fire.

A battery powers a heating coil which warms liquid so that it produces vapor.

At the end of the battery is an LED light and batteries are available in a variety of shades.

At Smoke Stik, these batteries are white, black, and pink. For each color there is a starter kit, but the first starter kit provides an introduction to vaping at a rather high price.

While Smoke Stik products might be alright, you will wonder at their pricing strategy. Take the time to explore starter kits from V2 Cigs, Green Smoke, Vapor Fi, and others to see what I mean.

Starter Kits at Smoke Stik

For instance, the new Introductory Starter Kit from Smoke Stik costs $39.95. If this contained two batteries or 5 to 10 cartomizers, the price would make more sense, but it is the same as plenty of similar starter kits costing $20 except for the hard case.

If that case costs $10, the most you would pay for the introductory kit would be $30, which would still be high since kits are supposed to save you money.

Here’s Their Pitbull Kit (One of the extended battery life starter kits)

Pitbull Kit

The next kits are the Pink ($99.95), JET ($89.95), and Premium ($79.95), their one differentiating feature being the colors of their batteries. Feminine Pink batteries are tipped with white cubic zirconia too, but they come with 3 cartomizers, 2 batteries, a charging kit, and a car adapter.

Your package is loaded into a keepsake box and internet shoppers receive a carry case too. For every package purchased, $10 is donated to breast cancer research, but look at the price which is $10 higher than the JET and $20 higher than the Premium, not to mention overpriced to start with. Write breast cancer researchers a cheque directly and save money at the same time.

The JET pack is colored black. The Premium comes in white. All of these bundles contain 1 each of high-nicotine tobacco, medium tobacco, and menthol-flavored cartomizers. While customers can choose one each or two of either tobacco or menthol for the Introductory Kit, there are no substitutions in the case of these more expensive packages.




Smoke Stik disposableDisposable Option

Another way to try e cigs before committing to vaping is to buy a one time use disposable cig.

At Smoke Stik, these cost $9.95 for up to 200 puffs: nothing special for the price, but you do get to choose from 6 flavors.

There are also 0, 12-mg, and 16-mg disposables. Most companies sell two flavors (tobacco and menthol) in one nicotine level.

New Batteries

I was appalled by the price of replacement batteries at Smoke Stik and perplexed at the lack of information. If I am going to hand over $27.49 for a battery, I would like to know how powerful it is.

For the JET and Pink there are no details. Buy the Premium and you get three choices of price and power: 180 mAh ($22.95), 270 mAh ($28.95), and 340 mAh ($30.95).

Smoke Stik cartridgesRefill Cartridges

I hoped there would be give and take here; some high prices, some low ones, which would eventually even themselves out.

Instead, five refill cartridges (tobacco or menthol) cost $14.95 (too high) and a box of 50 costs $149.50: that is, ten times the price.

Customers do not receive a discount for shopping in bulk, which is stingy.

Other flavors are sold as extra-large cartomizers, whatever that means: Smoke Stik did not supply a volume for these, just a huge price of $21.95 for five.

I’m afraid I can’t tell you anything about the liquid: it’s probably made in China, and that most likely goes for their 17 flavors of e-liquid as well.

Ultra Ego

Once you get into this e cig class, Smoke Stik leaves their ultra-high prices at the door, bringing you the Ultra eGo starter kit with two 650-mAh batteries, 2 Ultra tanks, a charging kit, and a case for $47.99.

Forget cigalikes and head right to this product. The price is fair, the battery rating is good, and you will save a lot of money in the long run. Replacement batteries are so much cheaper: $14.99. Clearomizers cost $6.99 each.


The flavors here include standard tobacco and menthol, fruits, Watermelon Candy, Island Sherbet, Cotton Candy, and others. Choose 0, 8, or 18 mg of nicotine and pay $6.49 per bottle. My only complaint is that nicotine volumes are spread out and limited. Many vapers fit between 8 mg to 18 mg, prefer more nicotine, or are trying to drop to a lower value and give it up altogether.

Carrying Cases

Here’s a couple images of their carrying case, which is quite sharp:

Smoke Stik Carrying Case


Smoke Stik Carrying Case Open



Summing Up Smoke Stik

It seems that Smoke Stik hits a discordant note with their regular mini cigs — those first products vapers are often introduced to. Then they recover their poise with the Smoke Stik Ultra resembling a Kanger Evod or VaporFi Pro in terms of looks. My recommendation to a new vaper would be to start with their eGo, as their cigalikes are very expensive.





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