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Silver Surfer vaporizers have been hot property among eager vapers around the country for a while. How does the product, created by a Colorado company, size up today? Read this Silver Surfer review to find out what is new from Silver Surfer.


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The Silver Surfer Vaporizer is clearly doing very well as the company (7th Floor) is expanding. Their product catalogue is also enlarging. From a limited set of products, SSV now allows consumers to create their own designs or buy from a series of artistic vaporizer products.

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Their Wave Rider series enables consumers to choose a scene from many created in-house. Select a limited edition sphere made of ground glass and resting on a base plate in a color you like. Select the same or a compatible color of tube to go with it and customize the temperature knob for an added fee. Wax melts in your favorite aroma can be sent along with the package which cost $350.

Okay, so you have to be an extreme vaporizing fan to spend that kind of money. What about people unable to afford that much?

Actually, a Silver Surfer is not cheap either at $269.99, but at least you dropped below $300. The base set is silver, so to customize it first you change the color to yellow, gold/black, or some other vibrant shade.

Black Silver Surfer

Next you select from different styles of your glass temperature knob and glass marble pick. Pick ground, spherical ground, or standard glass.

Be careful: every feature you add apart from the plain silver unit costs more. Change the color and pay a bit extra. Add engraving, pay more, and wait longer for your device to come. You get to select the glass you want when you head to the checkout. More money is added to your bill, but it costs less to buy custom features at the same time than to buy them later.

Silver Surfer sets the standard for many vaporizers. Clients truly enjoy the flavor of their herbs and are able to taste them and not the unit itself thanks to proper ventilation. They also appreciate the durability of their product and being able to heat aromatherapy oil using the same machine.


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