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Seego of China refers to their role as that of an e cig manufacturer, but they mean that in a different sense from the way we think of e cigs generally. When they say “e cigs,” they mean “vaporizers” because their devices work with e liquid, herbs, oils, and/or waxes. The fact that they come from Shenzhen is a clue to what sorts of pricing and availability we are talking about.

Seego Vending Format

Seego deals directly with distributors at wholesale prices, makes thousands of items each week, and their products are priced to sell. To work with them directly you must place a minimum order. In these ways Seego is just like SmokTech, Kanger, and Innokin. One can also hope their quality is as good as the quality of those other brands. Customers seem to think it is.

Two Product Lines

In this Seego review, you are going to see two lines mentioned: the Vhit and Ghit. The first is for loose leaf/oil/wax vapers. The second is for use with e liquid. There are several products in the Vhit list and just three for Ghit customers. Although Seego sells batteries and accessories also, these are not as important in this review as their tanks and a special sort of coil.

Vhit Products

This is mostly made up of various atomizers, but there is some hardware in here too. You will be looking at the Vhit Elegant, Reload II, King, Glacier, Reload W&D, Rise, and Vast.

All-in-one Vhit Elegant Vaporizer

This is a dry herb unit, all in one, for use with a 2000-mAh battery (18650) and mosquito coil which provides greater contact to herbs. Take a look at what reviewers are saying; the coil is important to your experience. A mosquito coil, by making contact with more herbs, creates far bigger clouds of vapor than with other styles of coil. The Vhit uses double-filtration to create a clean taste and a water cooling tube can be added for smoother-tasting vapor.

The Elegant is made with stainless steel and the tube is Pyrex. Operate it using a single button. Airflow control is built in for great control of your experience.

Vhit Reload II and More

The Reload is a tank sold for about $15 online. Fill it with ground herbs. Most of the same features as found above have also been applied to the Reload II: double-filtration and the mosquito coil, for instance. There is also a push-button cleaning mode so no tools are needed.

Most items come with the same filtration system, coil, and are made from the same materials. Seego is known for their easy-load, easy-unload tanks. This might sound like no big deal: how hard can it be to load and unload ground tobacco? Actually, this part can be a serious pain if the opening is too narrow or the whole unit is small. Vhit atomizers have been designed so that this is never an issue that drives vapers back to cigarettes.

The Reload W&D is so named because it can be used to vape waxes and dry material: that is, with the change of an atomizer head you can select either one. This tank is built with the push-button cleaning method seen in the Reload II. It also has a stirring feature for the tobacco so you vaporize more of it without removing herbs. The Reload W&D contains no glue and is 510-threaded.

Why no glue and why should you care? We’re talking about products meant to get hot, and heat melts glue, making a product vulnerable. Parts could just fall off. There is also the issue that at high heat glue can vaporize, releasing fumes which, toxic or not, don’t taste or smell as pretty as herbs.

Vhit Glacier and Friends

Switch to the Vhit Glacier to vape wax and thick oils. The Vhit Rise accepts all three. A 360° rotating mouthpiece is attached. The Vhit Vast can be taken apart into 6 pieces: a glass chamber, metal tip, cap, head, base, and collar. You will be able to clean the whole thing fully and easily this way, and you know how important it is to keep these things clean. When they are well looked after, they impart pure-tasting vapor. Finally, Seego makes regular globe or straight tanks for herbs and wax.

The Ghit Series

This series is pretty straightforward to cover. A Ghit Series is really just one item but with three types. These are CE4-like clearomizers made in 7 colors which fit with eGo batteries also sold by Seego ranging from 350 mAh to 1100 mAh, available in regular and Twist styles.

Popularity with Vapers

The name Seego is better known among herbal and wax vapers than customers who prefer e liquid. It is not that a Ghit fails to live up to customer expectations, but there is plenty of competition in that direction. Vhit tanks are well liked and affordable to purchase, but they also make use of high-quality materials without being expensive. They are usually plain silver with Pyrex where required. Their crisp, clean looks appeal to the vapor who likes simplicity and discretion.


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