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Your box of e juice sent monthly and arranged by subscription might have included a bottle of Seduce Juice at some point. If not, this could be a juice in your future. You can’t miss them. Seduce Juice labels are racy and seductive. They tend to feature snakes and scantily-clad women.

Many of their titles evoke biblical scenes. Several of their flavors start with the word “snake,” so if you don’t like snakes, you won’t be able to handle Seduce Juice unless it is poured into a plain bottle by someone else before you even see the cobras. Seduce Juice blends e liquids for fruit, dessert, and tobacco lovers.

Seduce Juice FlavorsSeduce Juice Review

First of all, this is 100% American-made e juice. The company uses USP-grade products, even Pharma-grade nicotine. Ingredients are supplied by reputable US dealers. Now that they have gotten that out of the way you know all you need to, or do you?

Vapers (and consumers, generally) are known for putting stuff into their mouths without asking questions until they get a rash or have trouble breathing. At Seduce Juice they do not think that is good enough. Their customers should know what they are getting into, so they provide a write-up about vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol.

This serves two purposes: one is to educate clients generally; the other is to debunk some myths about the dangers of propylene glycol. Many people have learned recently that they inhale PG regularly without ever having realized it; at concerts and from inhalers, for instance.

Snake Juice

Four flavors at Seduce Juice start with “Snake”: Oil, Venom, Eyes, and Bite. For each, the common base is a cream lightly tinged with coconut. Snake Venom contains peach; Snake Eyes tastes like banana-cinnamon toast cereal; Snake Bite adds an apple to the base; and Snake Oil, their best-seller, blends pear into the mixture. You’ll picture a bottle of snake venom extracted from the unwilling jaws of an angry cobra whenever you vape these products.

More Flavors by Seduce Juice

Then you have juices like Impearmint, a play on words of the most enjoyable kind. To be impaired is to be drunk or high, as people who indulge in sinful pleasures often are. Yet e juice by Seduce Juice contains no alcohol. All you taste are the main components in the made-up word: pear and mint. Now you get it.

Pharaoh was a fixture in the book of Exodus where Moses confronted him with a staff that became a snake and the threat of plagues: flies, rivers of blood, locusts, boils, and more ghastly consequences of Israel’s enslavement. While those plagues would put anyone off their dinner, Pharaoh is a temptingly creamy tobacco with lemon.

Who is White Walker? Do I see Luke Skywalker in this picture or am I just a Star Wars nut seeing Jedi pupils everywhere? White Walker combines “five chilling flavors,” or so they say at Seduce Juice. These are all types of mint unfolding frostily to the joy of Seduce Juice fans.

Research and Development at Seduce Juice

You will sometimes find a flavor in this section which has not been approved for general sale. Seduce Juice sends out the occasional bottle to customers so they can try it and report their findings. Dharma is a Thai iced tea blend still not featured alongside the other 23 e liquids. If you have one of these bottles at your house and haven’t told Seduce Juice what you think yet, hurry up. Dharma has been in R&D for months.

Seduce JuicesStats on Seduce Juice

Bottle sizes are 10 ml, 15 ml, 30 ml, or 118 ml from $5.99 to $34.99. Choose up to 2.4% nicotine, but at this highest rate Seduce Juice adds 50 cents to the price. Nicotine is the most expensive component used to make e juice (especially quality nicotine). Do not begrudge them the extra ½ dollar. $5.99 for 10 ml is cheap after all. Sample packs are also available.

Seduce Juice is sold all over the country. You will find them online, in subscription boxes, and in stores situated in Idaho, Kentucky, Alaska, and more. This is award-winning juice by the way, made in Charlotte, North Carolina. The business started in 2012.

More at Seduce Juice

While you will find a lot of e cig companies that carry over 100 e juices and lots of hardware, Seduce Juice only carries 23 of their own juices, several other brands, and one type of e cig: their limited edition box mod made from wood and engraved with Seduce Juice plus their signature cobra.

Look here for High Roller Sweets, King of the Cloud, People’s Vape, and other top shelf e liquids. Seduce Juice isn’t afraid of the competition.

What’s Not to Like?

As I said above, if you don’t like snakes you will not be able to stomach Seduce Juice. Phobias are like that. Religious people might not care for their labels, although like the snake issue, you could have someone empty the juice into a plain bottle to get past your dislike of these images.

I would encourage vapers to overcome whatever objections they have. While it’s not for everyone that this and other companies use sex to sell products, that can somewhat overshadow the more important fact that you have found a company willing to be accountable. They do not play games with your health and tell you exactly what goes into their products.

Even vapers who decide to shop elsewhere will want to visit this website for the education and links provided. Of course, while browsing you will probably be attracted to their flavors. The coconut cream base for their snake juices creates a surprising, rich theme, and while they also produce fresher flavors, anyone who likes coconut desserts will find himself a happy place here.




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