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Seattle is well known for its microbreweries selling craft beers and for a certain coffee company. Maybe in years to come they will also become famous for an e-liquid business: Seattle Vapor Co.

Seattle Vapor Co Review

Seattle Vapor Co makes hand-crafted e-juice and sells a few e-cig essentials, but it’s mostly a place to buy juice online. There are three very expensive e-liquids to deal with right off the bat.

Two of them follow a new and increasingly familiar formula. They are steeped in oak barrels for between two and three weeks (like wine, just not for as long), filtered, and sold at high prices. A 30ml bottle costs $27.50. Seattle Barrel Reserve is a 50/50 or 100% vegetable glycerin mix evocative of Kentucky Bourbon, vanilla, caramel, vanilla bean, and roasted hazelnut.

The Good Life’s refined tobacco, tastes like toasted almond, vanilla custard, cinnamon Danish, sugar cookie, vanilla bean, and something not revealed here. Your taste buds will have to search for it. Bottles are made of glass with a dropper top and both are made in limited quantities.

Another refined flavor, Sedation, comes from the Seattle Vapor Co Platinum line. Costing $17.49 for 15ml, it is among the dearest e-juices sold in the United States per/ml. You might think being made in small batches was enough to justify a price like this but it’s not.

Seattle Vapor Co isn’t doing anything unusual, even though Sedation is pre-steeped, made from USP nicotine and other USP food-grade ingredients. Perhaps this custard with dark and light vanilla flavors and sweet cream is particularly sophisticated? For this price, I want a dancing delivery man in sequins to hand the bottle to me at the door in person, and he’d better be smiling.

Cheaper Juice

Flavors are divided into lots of ubiquitous categories plus one called Liq of Seattle. One of these is Sounder Sauce. You have the option to add a sour blast to watermelon, grapes, and berries or take it as it comes. Captain Crunk (breakfast cereal-inspired) is another Liq Seattle flavor. Vape Unicorn Blood containing strawberry, kiwi, and vanilla custard with a twist. Fairy Tears are made of strawberry custard and sweet cream if you didn’t know.

Beast Mode represents an energy drink. Sonic’s Blend contains smooth tobacco flavor. Seattle 206 tastes like a nutty European tobacco. Of course, no Seattle menu would be complete with a Caramel Macchiato.

Some of their many ordinary flavors are cookies and cream, cotton candy, and cola gummies. Sometimes you can add a sour blast, extra flavoring, or change the base ratio. Nicotine values include 0, 3, 6, 12, 18, and 24mg. A 10-ml bottle will cost you $4.99: much more reasonable, and a better size too.

Free with Every Order

Every time you place an order worth $20 or more, you receive a free 10-ml bottle of e-liquid as chosen by the owners. This liquid changes from month to month.

Accessories at Seattle Vapor Co

It’s not much, just a token really, but Seattle Vapor Co carries some tanks and APV starter kits. The iTaste MVP is priced just $59.99. An eVic starter kit is listed at $93.99 (nice). Buy the Kamry K100 Kit and pay only $54.99. Vision Spinners (1300mAh) sell for $27.99. Where hardware is concerned, Seattle Vapor Co prices are noticeably competitive.

Their online catalogue also shows the Aerotank, iSmoka BCC, Unitank, and Trophy Tank. A Smok RDA costs $10.99.

The Business of E-Liquid

Seattle Vapor Co keeps business in the family. The owners smoked for 12 years before they found e-cigs. Seattle Vapor Co uses 100% US-sourced ingredients and tests flavors before you see them. Their website shows you which devices they used for testing.


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