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Many e cigs are marketed at a crowd that wants to keep smoking but take advantage of trendy styles and exotic flavors of cigs. They are happy to vape using electronic products that are glamorous and colorful. These consumers not only abandon smoking traditional cigs but have also given up on the way they look. For them, e cigs should be as different from smokes as they possibly can be. This is not so with users of NJOY E Cigs

Over 70,000 Locations to Buy

Buy NJOY products online or go to one of over 70,000 locations to buy your e cigs. Find out where to purchase them by visiting the company website. They are all over the United States.

NJOY King Disposable PackRecycle E Cigs

Consumers take notice when a company acts as steward for the environment, protecting it from any damage its own products could potentially do. There is a lot of e-waste out there, but not from NJOY if they can help it.

Mail 8 King Size e cigs back to NJOY and they will send you a free e cig. If you are interested in freebies, the company also offers a free sample for anyone interested in trying their products for the first time.

Simple Tastes

While most brands appeal to a broad range of tastes with spice, chocolate, fruit, and multiple tobacco flavors, NJOY keeps it simple. You get a choice of tobacco or menthol: that’s it. No confusion, just an authentic cigarette experience using an electronic stick which looks much like a regular smoke to start with.

The packaging goes along with the show too. You could spend a lot of time explaining why you are “smoking” in public places now that you have switched and can resume your regular habit.

Express Kits

Even the express kit is truly “express” with NJOY. There is just one version with a single battery, USB charger, guide, and one cartridge refill. You can buy more cartridges, of course, and they come in a variety of nicotine levels. If you want to wean yourself off of smoking altogether, the way to do it is by reducing your nicotine reliance bit by bit.

Cigarette Packs

Buy your e cigs from NJOY in packs of 3, 5, 10, or 20. The 20 pack is your best value. A single cigarette is the equivalent of many more traditional cigarettes. Just picture the money you could be saving right now if you have not already swapped traditional cigs for electronic NJOY cigarettes. They really cost less than ordinary cigs.



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