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With two locations in Jacksonville, Florida, one could say that the owners of New Leaf Vapor are doing well. This is a brand of e cig and of e liquid from vapers who refer to themselves as “obsessed” with their job. They love helping people become healthier and make it their goal to have fun every day. New Leaf Vapor started in 2008 and has grown into a successful venture.

New Leaf Vapor Review

I am going to start with a few concerns I have about the website to get them out of the way. They are niggles really; nothing major.

One is that I do not like their pricing system. Products “start at” a price with a range available and it is not clear how that works in every instance. In one case — with the Helios Starter Kit — the $22 price tag appears unrealistic. Either New Leaf Vapor has adopted an altruistic approach to selling e cigs, thereby shaving off much of their profit margin from the usual dreadful markup on e cigs, or they are buying low-cost, low-quality goods to re-sell. I can’t see it being the latter: perhaps a compromise is at work. New Leaf Vapor has chosen a good item, not the best but decent, and given it a decent price tag.

I also wish they would post information about their e liquids. I searched in vain for details about their juice: is it USP-grade, made from US ingredients, hand-crafted, or produced in a lab? I can find out more about High Caliber and Greenman juices offsite (also sold here), but New Leaf Vapor should list details on their website for the convenience of their customers and as a mark of their transparency.

Thirdly, I am a bit confused about some of the products, generally. There could be a few more details online. I imagine that since there are two brick-and-mortar locations, New Leaf Vapor relies on customers to come in and ask questions and to examine starter kits up-close.

New Leaf Vapor productsProducts at New Leaf Vapor

Now for the fun part: what is on the menu?

For a start, there is that Helios kit with a 2600-mAh battery (box-shaped) offering 3-5 set by the user and a battery indicator light (green, yellow, or red according to your remaining charge). This compact device comes in titanium blue, black, or silver and features a 3-click lock mechanism.

Also, select one of 6 possible clearomizers and a flavor of e liquid. It is a fully customizable package for someone with confidence, not a new vaper.

The Plus Starter Kit costs from $36.96 and up. It comes with two 650-mAh or 1100-mAh batteries in black, pink, or stainless and three possible tanks. Juice is available from New Leaf, High Caliber, or Greenman, so the maximum ratio is 3.2% nicotine.

Choose from three colors of carry case and receive a USB charger in the kit. Again: you should probably be a little familiar with e cigs if you are considering this purchase, though you do not have to be advanced.

Banana 30Watt mods cost $79.99 (an advanced device) and the Phaeton Starter Kit starts at $39. This latter product resembles the geometric iTaste VV V3.0 from Innokin with the same features: a puff counter and variable voltage, modest colors such as silver, pearlescent, and chameleon.

The Mirandus Mod is a beautiful, engraved mechanical e cig with three tubes, a locking ring, and options such as a magnetic or spring switch and manual or spring-loaded center pin. Contact pins are made of silver-plated brass. The price for this 22-mm mod is $240. Choose Brass Mixed or Stainless as your finish.

A Mini Starter Kit is the convenient cigalike style preferred by many new vapers who are self-conscious and uncomfortable with a large eGo tube. For somewhere between $19 and $52, you receive two batteries in pink, stainless, or white, 5 cartomizers (with 9 possible flavors), and a charging kit. Cartomizer flavors include three types of tobacco, menthol, clove, and fruits. This will feel light; dimensions will be realistic to those of analog cigarettes, and the LED tip will simulate the glowing ember of a cigarette.

The Vapor Nine Nebula Kit confused me a little. It seems to be a cigalike kit but can also be an eGo kit by the look of it. Three battery options can increase this to “Monster” size and a maximum price of $59.80.


As I said, three brands of juice are available with a starting price of $9 per bottle. Choose flavors similar to your usual style of tobacco or menthol cigarettes, fruits or sweets, and many others according to your preference for tobacco, menthol, fruit, or dessert. High Caliber makes more than 70 flavors but a fraction of those are included in the list. New Life Vapor flavors include Dragonfruit, Grape Escape, Apple Jax, and Blue Mountain (coffee).

Cartomizer refills for mini cigs are an exceptional price: just $10 for 5. Although nine flavors is a small assortment, the price is great and you are encouraged to graduate to refills anyway. Once you are using e-liquid and blanks, vaping becomes much cheaper and tastes are more varied.

The Retail Experience

If you have been inside one of these two Florida stores, you will know that the atmosphere is fresh rather than foggy; retail vs. club. Compare it to some of the vapor lounges promoted elsewhere. Numerous trendy spots are thick with the fog of e-cig vapor, play loud music, have a big TV blaring out some show or news report, and everyone is dressed in “hipster” clothing.

New Life Vapor is a retail store, thus, it is clean-looking, bright, and professionally decorated and organized to encourage a comfortable shopping experience. Their shops are not hang-outs. Employees are focused on customer service, not on having a good time. When you enter, it won’t feel like you crashed a party: their happy mood is not spoiled by having to serve customers.

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