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Nebula has developed their line of e liquids since last I check in on them. They still offer some caffeinated versions and we will talk about that further along. Theirs is a series of organic e juices, which means they insist on the highest quality ingredients. Just a few companies right now have gone to these lengths to ensure e liquid cannot be accused of tasting artificial. How can it when the components are natural?

Explorer Pack for the Indecisive

For the person who wants to travel with their e liquid bottles, vapers who are being adventurous with new flavors, and for those who like to explore outer space, the Explorer Pack is the right product. It contains five 1-dram (3.69 ml) bottles of the most popular flavors, all of them in ratios of 30/70 propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin, 18 mg nicotine, for $15. The package is a tin with each bottle positioned and padded securely inside.

Nebula Vaping's e liquidsCelestial E Liquids: Nebula Vaping Review

A glass bottle of Nebula juice costs just $12 for 15 ml. Ordinarily this would be a high figure, but not for an organic product. Choose 0, 6, 18, or 24 mg of nicotine and, sometimes, caffeine.

Newton’s Apple doesn’t require explaining and receives no explanation so I assume it is a straight-up apple e juice. A la Cartesian apparently honors that famous Frenchman of the Enlightenment, Descartes (contemporary of Jean Jacques Rousseau and Voltaire; a member of the intellectual group responsible for creating L’Encycopedie). His juice is a simple waffle vape.

Because it is so simple you might want to add another juice to it: Aurora Borealis, for instance, which is a peach vape. Just think of it: waffles with peaches. They’ve got a heavenly blend going on here.

Binary Star tastes like ice tea and lemonade. Butter Beer combines butterscotch, vanilla, and amaretto. I like the play on words inherent in Fission which means to split.” Fission resembles bananas, whipped cream, milk chocolate, and maraschino cherry: banana split.

Halley’s Comet peppermint e liquid is so clear I thought it was just the plain base so, as you can see, Nebula does not feel the need to add green food dye. Hubble Bubble tastes like vanilla, berries, and bubble gum. Try Kryptonite for a green apple and melon pairing.

Your Lucky Star could be authentic-tasting Virginia tobacco. A Smore’s style juice is called Moon Pi (the mathematical symbol). You will notice Graham cracker, marshmallows, sweetness, salt, milk chocolate, and vanilla at various points, such as on the inhalation or exhalation.

Try Pina Collider for creamy pineapple and coconut, while kiwi with strawberry should remind you of a Star Burst. T=MC² should make you think of cucumber, mint, and iced tea.

White Dwarf is a creamy Madagascar vanilla with just a touch of something flowery. Wormhole is the last flavor tasting of churro with frosting.

Caffeinated E Juices

Some of the flavors listed above come with or without caffeine and a few are known as “Eclipse” or zero-nicotine versions.

Those that you can buy with nicotine are T=MC², Star Burst, Moon Pi, Krypton, and Aurora Borealis. Nicotine and caffeine cause some of the same reactions in the human body so I’d be wary if you suffer from anxiety or hypertension.

Names chosen for these juices are absolutely fabulous and several of the flavors are a little unusual. I especially like the look of Butter Beer, while a la Cartesian is refreshingly basic.

Hardware for Vaping

Nebula carries the Kanger Aerotank, RSBT by Smok, and the Manhattan USA-made mod in blue, green, and purple. This $205 mod uses an 18650 unregulated battery, contains a rare earthy magnet, and is constructed with a thick wall of Aircraft Bullet Aluminum.

For a fun twist on your ordinary e cig, you will also find two types of “gaming” mods: the Vape Cube and Vape Station. A Vape Cube looks like a gaming box with four hoses instead of four joysticks. The Vape Station resembles a Playstation with 2 hoses. Either one will fool the uninitiated onlooker.



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