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The interior design at Nashville Vapor suggests that the owners are particular about the way things look. They want everything to be just right and pay a lot of attention to details like wood floors, a warm atmosphere, and good lighting. This carries through to their products, where products tend to be from the high end of the market, especially their mods.

Start at the Beginning

Mods are the last things a new vaper wants to think about. For him, the place to start is with a relatively low-power kit (not as low as an 180mAh cigalike) using an eGo battery. Innokin’s Express Kit, their Clearo Kit, or a JoyeTech Twist (1000mAh) are pretty good options. Starter Kits range in price from $19.99 to $59.99.

Tanks and Cartomizers

Their line of Tanks and Cartos includes the right names: Aspire, Cirrus, Kanger, Vision, and Innokin. An Aspire Nautilus costs $37.99: not a bad price. Cirrus Mini 2ml Tanks are $38, or $46 for the 3.5ml version. Buy an Evod for $6.95, adding just $2 for version 2.

Drip Tips

Once you have the main parts sorted out, now is a good time to think about drip tips. While the standard tips supplied for your tanks and clearos are good enough (and sometimes permanently connected to your clearomizers), they get lost or scratched.

They even become a little dull after a while once you are an established vaper with an eye for the latest vaping accessories. Nashville Vapor does not carry $3 acrylic tips but instead stocks Cherry Ming and Pawn shapes in various colors for $10, a stainless steel version for $18, and Critical Minds Hybrid drip tips costing $22.

Mods for Advanced E-Cig Users

There are just three regular mods (modifiable e-cigs) at Nashville Vapor: the Innokin iTaste MVP, a ZMax, and the Smok SID. Each gives the electronic cigarette user options to adjust output and is an electronic device. The alternative is a fully mechanical mod which has neither circuitry to permit variation, nor a screen to read voltage and battery level. With an APV, the battery is also your base unit while a mechanical mod is a tube into which the battery fits.

The Nashville Vapor APV selection is fine, if not extensive. Besides being short, though, there is a bigger problem: stock. Only one out of three articles was in stock when I checked. You notice a similar problem under the heading for High-End Mods where many listings end with a notice in red. At least the issue with availability is made clear when you reach the list.

High-End Mods

Stock problems are typical when you search for authentic mechanical mods. They are only produced in limited numbers. This Nashville Vapor review takes a turn for the “expensive” with the JM22 by JM Mods for $190 to $220, a VHO Titan costing $179.99, and the Gold Sentinel for $180.

Other mods are the Mirandus and an iHybrid Pure ($90), plus the Kick 2 by Evolv as a means of adjusting voltage. Clearly the people at Nashville Vapor either think clones are inferior or they believe their customers take this view.

Rebuildable Atomizers

It is evident from the category for Mechanical Mods that Nashville Vapor holds no truck with clones. You will not find HCigar products among mechanical mods or rebuildable atomizers: just authentic, pricey pieces. A Gold Trident RBA costs $120. It has three posts for single or dual coil configuration.

Squape by Sattqualm from Switzerland costs $165. The listing here is one of the few you will see online in the United States. In-house stock sometimes varies. The main housing is constructed from stainless steel, with a replaceable acrylic tank and removable chimney. This item holds up to 5.2mls of liquid.

A Prometheus atomizer costs $170. At the other end of the price scale you will find the Smok RSST for $29.99, sensibly and competitively priced. In fact, this is true for most items on their list, even if Nashville Vapor generally prefers high-end products.

Cartomizers and Atomizers

Not everyone wants to or is able to rebuild an atomizer but will happily replace the atomizer from a rebuildable clearomizer. These are inexpensive and also extend the life of a clearomizer to reduce the overall cost of vaping. A Stingray Bridgeless Atomizer costs $9.99. Buy coils for your Redux, Boge, Kanger, or Aspire coils too.

E-Liquid at Nashville Vapor

Buy nicotine juice here: not house juice, but some of the best nicotine liquids made and sold in the United States today. Space Jam, Vigilante Juice, Sancia Smoke, Jameson’s (now called Jackson’s), and The Standard are all sold at Nashville Vapor.

How to Get in Touch

Email the crew at Nashville Vapor, call them, or come into one of their stores. They are located in two other Tennessee cities besides Nashville: Smyrna and Columbia. Nashville Vapor began with a commitment to stop smoking for the sake of family.

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