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Since portable vaporizers became popular, consumers have been wondering if Storz & Bickel would release one to go with their two bigger mods. The Volcano and the Plenty are both excellent machines, but they have to be plugged in, leaving vapers in need of a product they can stow in a purse of pocket. Storz & Bickel of Germany has at last introduced two portable devices: the Crafty and the Mighty. Both are wireless, operating on rechargeable battery power. This article will focus on the Mighty, which is the larger device.

Mighty Vaporizer KitThe Mighty Vaporizer Review

Reading dimensions on a screen and trying to imagine what that means in tangible terms is difficult, but let’s put it this way: the Mighty isn’t tiny. It’s got muscle, and muscle shows through. Don’t try to stuff it into a pants pocket: deep coat pockets would handle it. Use your clutch for a vape pen; the Mighty will need your full-on handbag.

While it is wireless, the half-pound Mighty is too big to act as your inconspicuous vape. The power on this thing is amazing and you’ll see why in a minute.

The sort of person who buys it wants to vape away from home and not recharge every two hours. He wants wireless freedom for an afternoon in the woods or on his boat. If he needed a little less power and something small, the Crafty at a quarter of a pound and somewhat smaller dimensions (but also costing $399) would be more suitable.

Powerful Mod

All of that power comes from two Lithium Ion batteries which appear to be built into the Mighty. They are charged via a small adapter port, and the big news is you can vape while charging. That is an excellent advance; few vaporizers provide pass-through capacity which saves the frustration of going vapeless or having to carry a cheap, spare pen around for just such a time.

If you leave the Mighty vaporizer unused for a while, it turns itself off. That’s to prevent overheating and battery waste.

Between two big batteries, a heat exchanger, and the Storz & Bickel convection system, this promises to be an amazingly efficient unit in spite of its size (consumers who are still researching their purchase will have to wait for the verdicts from several owners of this brand new device). There’s a cooling system built in so vapor isn’t too hot to enjoyably inhale, but Storz & Bickel charges for the privilege of all this technology: $469 for the Mighty and it’s not even glamorous looking.

Solid Exterior

The Mighty isn’t beautiful like an Ascent or Firefly either. Then again, neither is the Plenty or the Volcano. They are functional, solid, but not fancy-looking, and consumers routinely rate these as their favorite machines. All of their attractive features are technical and they cost a lot of money. The Mighty is black, ridged all over, and has the appearance of a device that could withstand wear and tear. An angled mouthpiece sticks out of one corner.

A screen lights up white and orange against a black background, big and readable. The screen sports a long battery symbol, filled in white when fully charged. Above this symbol are the actual temperature and the one you set. Although the screen shows these figures, a short double vibration also indicates that the Mighty is ready to start vaping.

To set the temperature just press either of two buttons on the touchpad, each a triangle, one showing minus and the other plus.

A Price to make you Pause

How much did you pay for the Firefly or Pax? Neither one is priced above $270. Even the Ascent when customized to the client’s aesthetic specifications is priced just under $300. Consumers will need to think hard about shelling out $400+ for either the Crafty or the Mighty.

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