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If MarkTen sounds familiar, that is because there is a brand of analog cigarette by the same name. The following MarkTen review will be discussing a brand new electronic cigarette by the same name released by America’s major tobacco group: Altria.

This brand has been getting a lot of circulation lately in C-Stores, and it’s been heavily marketed around me.  I gave it a shot, and wasn’t really that impressed.

Clearly, the early e-cig players (Like my favorite V2Cigs) have an edge on the newcomers, no matter what kind of marketing dollars they throw at the product.

Tobacco and E Cigs: Uncomfortable Partners

This pairing always causes some fuss. First of all, will a cigarette manufacturer really go to great lengths to produce a fantastic cigalike when their main money is in tobacco products? Altria is the maker of Marlboro, one of the strongest cigs around and a classic American brand. It is hard to imagine that Altria’s heart is in this new industry when cigarettes are still going strong. Reductions in smoking have been noted, but the industry continues to pull in oodles of money annually.

Potential and current vapers sometimes get angry when they see a connection between a tobacco giant and an electronic cigarette brand for ethical reasons. It is offensive for makers of widespread killers to be associated with a product designed to limit that risk and support efforts to give up cigarettes.

The connection appears hypocritical and they want nothing to do with it. This is no problem, since plenty of electronic cigarette companies are independent.

Markten KitWhat about MarkTen

What is this new product, and why would anyone add another electronic device to the many already out there? Competition is so fierce now, with very little essential difference between brands of mini cigs (or cigalikes), that firms have to cut prices or add items to starter kits to retain customers who know they are being overcharged. Competition is great for consumers, but terrible for businesses.

Well, they did it anyway. Mark Ten was released only in Arizona and Indiana during a trial run but will be released nationally soon. Right now they carry just 1.5% menthol and tobacco e cigs. These contain tobacco-sourced nicotine, glycerin, propylene glycol, water, and flavoring.

Products come with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee. Their website is pretty sketchy right now, so give it a while before trying to gain much information about cartridges, starter kits, and accessories.

One New Feature

According to makers of MarkTen, vapor is drawn through four holes at the top of the cartridge instead of one. This is called the Four-Draw System. You can see the holes in pictures, and they look very pretty, like a flower.

Markten packageMarkTen Packaging Gets a “Zero”

MarkTen electronic cigarette packaging resembles regular cigarette packaging, using the same colors as its analog namesake (red, green, and white). Why go to so much trouble to be different than make yourself look like an analog?

Consumer Impressions

So far, a few people have gotten hold of MarkTen items. A promotion campaign in Indiana and Arizona, where consumers received coupons, led to the sale of several single complete rechargeable cigs followed by charging gear. On a positive note, they are saying the battery is superb.

Customers discovered that Classic Tobacco is not only weak but flavorless. Menthol is minty, not like a real menthol tobacco cigarette. Early customers are not impressed, which is funny since Altria has had many years to research the market and figure out how to get this right.

Price-wise, though, they seem to be on target. A rechargeable single costs what most disposables sell for.

The Feel of MarkTen

A problem for some new vapers has been adjusting to a heavier cig compared to their analogs. As hard as they try, e cig manufacturers struggle to truly create a product as light as their carcinogenic counterparts. The MarkTen e cig is lighter than at least some of the other brands, making it a contender for most comfortable e cig to hold.



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