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Here are the criteria a company has to satisfy if it is to become your all-purpose vape gear supplier. They have to sell products at good prices. Gear should include batteries, mods, accessories, and parts. E liquid selection must be wide and appealing. JVapes satisfies all of these expectations amply allowing them to compete with numerous other all-purpose online vape stores in the country.

A JVapes Review

With three locations, the company caters to an online market and clients walking into a store. They are established in Colorado Springs Colorado, Prescott, and Prescott Valley Arizona. The catalogue online is fairly extensive. You will probably discover even more items in one of their stores.

Useful Headings Online

Buy starter kits, rebuildable atomizers, cartomizers, clearomizers, e liquid, chargers, batteries, and accessories. Loyal customers earn rewards points for spending at the store on vape gear.

There are 9 basic and advanced kits. The first three are eGo Twist kits with 650, 900, and 1300-mAh batteries costing from $29.99 to $39.99.

Numerous iTaste products are listed, but the company does not specify “Innokin.” Is this an oversight? Does JVapes carry clones of Innokin vaping gear such as the MVP 2.0, SVD, and VTR? You’ll have to ask. The SID is listed as a Smok product for $74.99 (the kit). Their price for a VV V3.0 is excellent: $44.99 with an iClear 16.

Jvapes mechanical modsMechanical Mods

All-purpose vape shops that sell mechanical mods usually choose to carry clones or the real thing. A few mix it up by selling some of each.

At JVapes, it appears they list only authentic devices, but they also offer some excellent sales which bring certain products almost to the point of clone prices.

The Ibaloi is $224.99 but a Prime by Tarsius, Stainless Steel, is on sale for $69.99.

The Innovape Liberty is listed for $179.99 but the CATS RJ Mod is priced $49.99. An Assets V2 is on sale for $49.99 but the Mojo Chi You Megan is full price.

Anything cheaper was already inexpensive, like Igo-W atomizers for $19.99.

In a Class Alone

The Asgard DNA 30 Mod comes under a heading of its own and is treated as its own class of e cig. This is a variable wattage box mod featuring a built-in DNA chip. There are many box mods on the market at present, but this one is made in the USA using 6061 aircraft-grade billet aluminum, CNC-machined (meaning there aren’t thousands of them available), and use a 1200-mAh battery.

They are fitted with 510 threading to work with many tanks. Chip mods like this one protect the battery and circuitry against overheating, low or high voltage, and the other usual dangers which threaten to melt your expensive device. It should handle sub-ohms nicely for any cloud chasers out there.

Fancy Drip Tips

I have never seen a drip tip costing $54.99, but a Vape Lab selection is serialized and costs this much. The Cherry Pawn drip tip is priced $9.99. Pay $29.99 for a Mystic Atmos. Select the Kayfun for $24.99. Several cheaper tips are also listed.

Batteries, Chargers, and Tanks

The usual selection is featured: prices are pretty good. You will be satisfied, but many battery brands customers rely upon are not obviously promoted (like Kanger). JVapes keeps stock levels up nicely so you will not be frustrated on that score. Select Kanger, iClear, Aspire, or Surric tanks. Choose Pyrex varieties rather than a brand. There are several low cost products for new vapers using basic eGos and also rebuildable tanks suitable for confident consumers.

E Liquid at JVapes

A 10-ml bottle is priced $6.50 and made in the USA. With more than 60 items choice is excellent, but not as good as it sounds.

JVapes e juice

Some of these are the same flavor represented in two formats: Black Label (high vegetable glycerin) and regular (50/50). Caribou Lou tastes like a fruity drink. So does Yellow Sub, and it is one of the most popular at JVapes. A few items are given Beatles names: Abbey Lane (fruit and cream) is another. Try Bananarang (banana pudding and vanilla wafers), Pursuit of Happiness (RY4), or Pursuit of Sadness (darker RY4). Anyone knows what to expect from Vanilla Cola or Cinnaroll.

Overall Rating

I like the selection of mechanical e cig mods at JVapes and am excited about being able to buy a great product for a low price. I would love to see more brand-name items like the Evod, but I think this is going to be a great place to buy advanced products.

They offer fair prices so JVapes can compete. A selection of atomizers and cartomizers (Innokin and Boge), magnets, and O-rings for specific products support the vaper who wishes to maintain and rebuild tanks at home. Just a brief review of their neatly organized site suggests this is a good place to start your vaping journey, especially as an online shopper.


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