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Vapers can now select from at least 10 subscription e juice services in the United States. The business has boomed in recent times, perhaps in response to the confusion of selecting only one juice from so many. I don’t know if anyone has counted or if it is worthwhile with new names launched weekly, but there have to be over 100 e juice companies in the US. Subscription services like Juice Crate help to take the frustration out of trying to choose and reduce the price of experimentation.

Juice Crate Review

The lowest price for a subscription is $23.99. That buys a month of premium e juice, three 15-ml bottles per month. This is the Gold selection. There is also a 3-month ($65.97) and a 6-month ($119.94) option. Onyx packages are organized in the same increments of 1, 3, and 6 months but contain more e juice: 90 ml monthly (6 bottles). These plans cost $49.99, $143.97, or $275.94.

Hand-picked, Customer Specific

The good people at Juice Crate hand-pick each box to ensure their clients get the types of products they hoped for. The exception is when customers tell Juice Crate to take control of the situation. That’s easier if a customer at least states a few preferences such as flavor types he would or wouldn’t be willing to try and his choice of nicotine strength. Values of 0, 3, 4, 6, 8, and 12 mg are available but selecting 3, 4, or 8 mg limits choices. Ask for vegetable glycerin-dominant, propylene glycol-dominant, or a 50/50 blend.

For the vaper who knows a little about what he wants, there is the option to try (or state emphatically that you do not want to try) candy, tobacco, mint, beverages, desserts, earthy, fruity, or spiced flavors.

Partners (E Liquid Vendors)

Juice Crate works with 51 companies at present, all of them makers of excellent liquids. They include Shark Juice, Boardwalk, Mastermind Elixirs, My Flavor Bomb, Totally Vaped Out, Vaping Birdy, and Zealous Vapor. Since Juice Crate comes from the San Jose area of California, they are well placed to speak face-to-face with the makers of many top juices brands. So much of the best stuff comes out of California.


An Onyx box comes with more than e juice. There will be a package of Royal wires and some cotton in your box each month. Also, Juice Crate stuffs some surprises in the box. This is not the case with the Gold package, but the price of a Gold subscription is very good. You receive 45 ml for $23.99: that’s 53 cents per ml. Most high-priced, high-quality e juices cost almost 30 cents more per ml.

More on the Web

Visit the Juice Crate website for video reviews, to read their blog, and to learn more. Each month a client wins a Cloud Chaser Crate: take a look. A lot of people will see that and sign up for monthly e liquid right away.

The great news is that after your 1-, 3-, or 6-month stint is over, there is no commitment. Cancel or adjust a 6-month program to a monthly package.

Many vapers find that a subscription eases them into the e juice world until they feel confident and have found some great products. Then they don’t need the support anymore and don’t want anymore surprises. Ultimately, every box will contain a few of those since customers never know exactly what will be inside their vape mail.

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