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The Joye (Joyetech) 510 is a basic ‘starter e-cig’ that is the entryway for tons of vapers. It works, and does the job, and most people are reasonably happy with it as their first starter cig.

Joye 510-TIt isn’t our top pick for an electronic cigarette for someone starting out as we’ve vaped tons more e-cigs than that and there are tons of cool choices out there.

Pictured here is the 510-T

One of the biggest hindrances with the Joye e cigs are that you can’t order direct from the company, and for anyone in the US, it isn’t US-based, but rather is in China. There are tons of shops that stock their products, and there are rumors of knock-offs, so if that matters to you, you may want to do a little digging around to make sure they are legit.

We’ve only used the e-juice from whichever shop we purchased the 510 from, and haven’t tried any Joyetech e-juice (frankly with all the options out there we’re not sure we’ll ever get to it as we are huge supporters of US made liquids and vendors! And there are a lot of companies out there making killer flavors).


The 510 batteries last a couple hours, 1-3 or so depending how you vape, and they take a proportionately long time to charge compared to others of the same power level that last a few hours. One other thing we’ve found is that other colors seem to act different, with life, and some were finnicky to charge with the connection etc with certain chargers, as you will see the one pictured with the 510-T above is different from the one we have in the video below.

So the 510 is not one of our recommended e cigs, though if you find a nice deal on one from a great company, go for it!

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