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The iPV3 has already been out for a little while, so why are we talking about its predecessor? The iPV2 wasn’t released a terribly long time ago either. The marketing team at Pioneer4You must have become agitated about the 100 watt box mods coming out and hustled to add their own to the collection of products so readily available online.

Now they have their 50 and their 100 watt mods competing with each other and Sigelei, Cloupor, VaporShark, and Vaporfi. It makes you wonder if they were holding out with the 50 watt all along and could have skipped that for its more powerful replacement in the first place.

Pioneer4You iPV2 Box Mod Review

The 50 watt model seemed like it would do just fine without upgrading. Of course, serious vapers would want to get as low as they can in the ohms department and more watts seems to allow that; in fact, you have to build extra-low resistance to achieve higher watts of 50 to 100. The iPV2 requires nothing extra of you: not a second battery or super-low ohms; just straightforward vaping. Thanks to the chip, you don’t even have to think. Just attach an atomizer — almost any sort will do.

That’s one of the reasons variable wattage is a hit with vapers. They press buttons, choose watts, and firmware does the rest. It reads resistance, determines a safe number of volts, and monitors everything while you have fun.

All of these values are displayed on a narrow screen along one side between the buttons: three of them. One is the firing button; the other two adjust watts up or down. They are small buttons which big fingers might find too small.

Improved iPV2 50 Watt Box Mod by Pioneer4You

Here is another reason to buy the iPV2 even though Number 3 is already on the market: improvements made to an earlier version have resulted in a more user-friendly and enjoyable vaping device. Adding a battery string so the batteries come out easily is a low-tech but important matter for vapers who could not find a niche for their fingers to pull batteries out. The 510 center pin is better-made and adjustable, the exterior is thicker, interior organization is neater, and there are 4 screws on the back instead of 2.

I hear you ask “while improving it, why didn’t they simply trash the screws and make the back magnetic?” If only, but they at least use stronger Hex screws than before. These are high-power batteries you will only charge every couple of days anyway.

Ratings by Users

Most of the time the iPV2 50 Watt mod receives pretty good ratings, although I suspect there is an unspoken prepositional phrase that goes something like “for a cheap box mod.” It costs just $100 to $110, which is relatively little at this level for the power you get from a durable aluminum box mod rated for 7 to 50 watts and 0.2 to 3 ohms. The screen is bright, vaping is easy over a long period of time, and the vented battery casing contains a USB charging port for internal charging (you can remove the batteries to charge or choose not to).

But it also uses the Yihi SX300 chip. While I’m not sure how this chip compares to others, I have seen summaries where the use of a chip that is not the Yihi SX300 is stressed as a good thing. That makes me wonder how effective it is and how well it protects your mod.

There are also reports that the touch pad is too sensitive. It turns on too easily when you are trying to let it turn off so as not to burn out the battery. When you want the screen on, it dims in just a few seconds making it difficult to read.

The iPV2 is big (100-mm long) compared to certain box mods, but not so much that you need a shoulder harness for it. It is only relatively heavy and large. When not sitting next to a VaporShark or Hana Modz, you realize that the iPV2 is reasonably small and completely portable.

But you will notice in spite of its lightness that the iPV2 is a bit thick. Box mods at this level are not skinny like an MVP 2.0. They could not pass for iPods, but they will remind you of a tin lunch box for an American Girl doll. Just don’t go rooting around inside for a bologna and cheese sandwich, pudding, and an apple.

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