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Comparisons are always made between vaporizers that share features. Whenever you find a balloon vaporizer, the name “Volcano” comes up for obvious reasons. The Storz & Bickel Volcano has been lauded as the best desktop vaporizer available for years, but it is also one of the most expensive vaporizers available and only works with the balloon delivery method. HerbalAire, a Canadian company, proposes a different option to this German product.


herbalAire H2.2HerbalAire H2.2 Vaporizer Review

Their answer is a dual-delivery machine called the HerbalAire H2.2. Vapers can inhale directly using a whip or with the help of a balloon bag. In fact, it is possible to fill 3 to 5 bags at the same time for group use. The HerbalAire H2.2 is also a diffuser if you just want the scent of an essential oil to travel around a room.

Consumers are divided as to whether the H2.2 can really rival the Volcano; some saying this is just as good for a lower price, others being more realistic. This latter group likes their many options and the lower price but is not sold on the idea that the H2.2 is as good as Storz & Bickel’s famous machine.

Funny Feature

Most vaporizer manufacturers urge customers to grind and lightly pack materials into the heating chamber. HerbalAire suggests otherwise, saying there’s no need for grinding or using a light touch. Just pack it all in as tight as you like and a heating system using jets bores right through it, efficiently heating every ounce of your herb.

Jet System

There are many little holes in a hot air generator below the chamber. These create tasty vapor immediately, which is also unusual. Customers note that most systems require a warm up time where the vapor isn’t smooth and doesn’t taste all that amazing right away. The HerbalAire gets right to work, evenly heating plant materials.

Vapor Path

Using a stainless steel air pathway, HerbalAire has locked the plastic exterior out of the vapor. It won’t be heated and vaporized along with your herbs, ensuring no toxic fumes get into your lungs. Burn off any of the plastic smell associated with a new machine by running it for a little while before loading plant aromatherapy material.

Certain individuals were inhaling debris with the screens provided by HerbalAire. Apparently, changing these for fine mesh screens is easy.

Teflon material was used in the making of the mouthpiece and connections. Any concerns about this have been quieted by the trust consumers have in Canadian manufacturing choices.

External Air Pump

Without the air pump the HerbalAire H2.2 is really very small and light. To use the balloon system, set up an external pump (supplied) which is only a fish tank pump. That means it’s easy to find replacement parts if anything malfunctions.

Adjustable Heating Element

Set your temperature to between 250F and 400F (120C to 200C). Some people find the H2.2 runs at a higher temperature than most, so start lower than normal. You will find this is an efficient machine, well-insulated and relatively easy on power.

LED lights at the bottom indicate when your device is heating (blue) and when it is ready (green). These two colors make a lovely change from red LED lights.

Non-Proprietary Pieces

It sounds like HerbalAire has gone out of their way to make this as adaptable a machine as possible, even going so far as to use compatible fittings. A glass adapter enables you to attach almost any piece of glass. I already mentioned the fine mesh screens and fish pump.

Solid or Flimsy

At times, this item seems like it would easily get flattened if you dropped it, but pick it up and weigh it in your hands: the H2.2 is sturdy. You can’t drop it from a single storey balcony, but a few feet won’t kill it. The stainless steel bowls for your herbs, however, are skinny. Since they can be removed, however, consider replacing them with tougher-looking examples at your earliest convenience.

Volcano’s Nearest Rival?

Both devices are corded, table top items. The HerbalAire costs a lot less, but the Volcano feels like you could use it as a shot put by day and still operate it as a vaporizer by night without any noticeable problems. Vapor tastes clean in either instance.

If you like to switch between whip and balloon, then the H2.2 is for you. If you already know you like the balloon, buy a Volcano. There is plenty of evidence that it will last several years. No one has tried using the HerbalAire for years. Only time will tell if it stands up to a long period of rough use.

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