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Some controversy over the Hana Modz box mod has erupted in which certain experts assert this is not worth the $200+ you spend on it. Advocates, not only employees of Hana Modz, support the company and product, saying it is a truly excellent device.

They also point out that if you want cheap stuff you are going to have to buy from China, while purchasing an American made product gives rise to benefits far greater than any money you could save. Low-cost manufacturing is the simple economic reason companies have their products manufactured in China and the reason so few models of e cigs (mostly mechanical and high-tech electronic mods) are made in the USA.

The Hana Modz

Putting that all aside, what is the Hana Modz?

This is a variable wattage DNA 30 device. The DNA 30 is a computer chip found in most 30 watt box mods whether made in the United States or China. This chip makes the necessary connection between wattage, voltage, and resistance so you only have to set one value (wattage) and leave the rest to your vaporizer.

Apparently, this produces a more reliable and smoother vaping experience than trying to set the right voltage for your atomizer’s resistance. There are two sizes: the V3 and V3 mini which does much of the same stuff but is a little smaller and uses a less powerful battery.

As you can see, the battery is removable. A lot of box mods have built-in batteries but I think that is a rip-off. With the removable battery, you can still use the device after your battery will no longer accept a suitable charge or it fails to reach more than 3.1 volts once charged. If the battery were built in, then once it stopped charging, your $200 device would be worthless.

Exterior Features

On websites listing Hana Modz, you always see lots of colors. Most vendors carry the Hana Modz in at least 4 shades, but there are others too: orange, red, blue, green, and more. This is the result of coating Billet 6061 aluminum so that looks are conveyed first, not necessarily durability, but do not be fooled: this is a tough mod built to last.

Compact but Powerful

There is a power-regulated digital switch in your product, operated by an 18650 battery. That is the sort of size you want when a box mod is going to travel with you on a camping holiday where there is not a USB outlet or a wall socket for miles. Your choice of battery determines if you succeed in setting the box mod to 20 or 30 watts.

What It Does

Attach a 510-compatible atomizer to the threading, set up your juice, and set the wattage. Your screen will display ohms (the Hana Modz is compatible with sub-ohm setups) while the chip decides what voltage to choose. The small screen can be turned to stealth mode, thus accomplishing two things; maintaining a lower profile and reducing battery drain. This is one of those simple but effective ways to prevent energy waste and reduce your costs.

Warnings for Common Problems

A Hana Modz will also emit a warning in the event of several potential risks to your device. One is low voltage (below 3.1). Another is detecting a short in your atomizer (your device will automatically shut down). Insert the battery in upside down and you will be warned. If the temperature is too high, the Hana Modz will let you know that too because it probably won’t feel hot to the touch (though your lips might register the higher temperature).

Prevent Problems Proactively

If you do not want to accidentally fire up your Hana Modz, lock it by clicking the button five times very quickly.

Although reverse polarity will be indicated, this could still damage your mod. Also, overheating is highly unlikely owing to a stay-cool design. Besides, as an experienced vaper, you know better than to hold the button in for 10+ seconds and heat up the coil too much.

A Mini version of the Hana Modz sells for less and uses a 1200-mAh battery. The same features are included in this device. Just remember that as a vaper at the experienced level, many of the issues that could happen to you should not: you should be able to head them off by thinking ahead and being responsible. Hana Modz and distributors will not honor warranty because you stubbornly ignored warnings.

Buy the Hana Modz

Purchase this product from an authorized dealer, all of which are listed on the website. They include Hyperion Vape in Chicago, SS Vape of Hanover PA (and lots of other SS Vape branches), E-Cig Gallery of Laguna Hills CA, and Good Life Vapor in Albany Georgia. Those are some American retailers but international distributors are also in place in Australia, France, Italy, and elsewhere.

Yes, there are good clones and items that look like the Hana Modz. They are just not made in the United States.

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