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Halo Cigs keeps it simple by having two nice products: one being a standard type of e-cig, and the other being an upgraded battery, or modded ecig. The upgraded line is the Triton, and the standard type of electronic cigarette is the G6.

These both come in starter kits, and the only variations are the colors. This can be a bit of a relief for someone new to vaping, as all the different types of batteries and accessories can get confusing and overwhelming.

Halo E-JuiceWhen you get a  starter kit and it comes with all you need to get going.

E Cig Juice From Halo

We’ve used the G6 and are about to try out the Triton, and have a bunch of Halo e-liquid lined up to try, as we’ve very much liked the flavors we’ve tried so far, as well as the vape quality. Their e-juice is made in the US, and is one of the stand out aspects of Halo.

We like the G6, both for it’s functionality and aesthetics. They are a cool metallic type finish, and very sharp overall, between the packaging and components.

With a kit you have a choice of two batteries, and each can be either standard or manual.

Halo G6 Starter KitI ordered one of each with the G6 starter kit, to test them out, in that beautiful blue color you see here (their color selection is pretty cool!). I ordered the manual 65mm and the automatic 78mm.

The 65 mm manual produces some great vape, just aboput the most of any standard ecig battery I have tried. The automatic is a nice battery too, and performs well, like a typical automatic battery.

One cool thing about the 65mm manual is it charges in I would say around 1-1.5 hours, which is faster than most, as they are typically 2-3 hours.

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