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Dating to 2009, this brand has been one held in a very high regard.

Quality products, great fundamentals as an organization, and a continued reputation for greatness is why Green Smoke is the #2 pick for cig-a-like products.

Huge News:  Green Smoke was acquired by Altria!  If that isn’t enough to help you use Green Smoke’s products, what is?  

Green Smoke electronic cigarettes are enjoyed by men and women due to their natural looking appearance and wide range of accessories and cartridge flavors.

PCC’s, multiple battery options and sizes, and a HUGE variety of kits makes Green Smoke a clear choice to recommend to consumers looking for the BEST.



Green Smoke adds its name to the growing list of e cig manufacturers. Their presence is powerful over the internet which is a convenient place to find information. Read up on the products and advantages of choosing this brand. Compare it with others effortlessly.

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Green Smoke E CigGreen Smoke Review

Green Smoke’s main claim to supremacy is that its cigarettes provide exceptional flavor and vapor. You get more for your money and for each puff when you choose their products.

One cartomizer offers the equivalent of 30 regular cigarettes. Their website claims these are the top rated e cigarettes on the market with the highest vapor volume.

We agree they have a high vapor volume, and they produce some of the thickest vapor of any brand.

Green Smoke Red LabelFlavor Cartridges (Cartomizers)

A cartomizer is where you find the cartridge and atomizer. The cartridge holds liquid nicotine and flavor. The atomizer heats it into vapor, not smoke, which is where traditional cigs cause health problems, nasty smells, and ash.

There are other benefits to choosing e cigs, and especially to selecting Green Smoke, including a loyalty program and distribution opportunities. You could turn your habit into a money making opportunity by becoming a wholesale distributor for the firm.


Green Smoke Free Trial


Customer Service

Customer service for Green Smoke is also rated highly, and one of their strong points. This area of excellence is important to consumers and is a point which turns up in reviews for all types of products from many companies. Even if products malfunction or something is missing from a kit, a firm’s reputation goes way up if they handle problems and answer questions promptly, courteously, and knowledgeably.

Green Smoke ProductsGreen Smoke Products

Three tobacco flavors head up the list of cartridge options: Tobacco Gold, Absolute Tobacco, and Red Label. These are similar to what you were smoking with traditional cigs, unless you chose menthol to try and cover the tell-tale smoking odor with mint. It never worked, of course. Green Smoke also carries a menthol option, and this one will definitely not leave you smelling of tar and burned car tires.

Flavor and aroma choices give e cigs a decided advantage over regular smokes. In the case of Green Smoke, four other options exist: vanilla, mocha, chocolate, and clove. The last one is unusual among e cig flavors, offering a touch of spice. The other three reflect popular tastes.

This company offers ways to save money by purchasing in large amounts. Once you know you like a certain flavor, buy lots of packs. Ordering more reduces the cost of each one.

Green Smoke Starter KitGreen Smoke Starter Kits

Starter kits are must-haves on any e cig catalogue and Green Smoke carries four, plus disposables. The basic kit is for individuals just beginning to experiment with electronic smoking. It comes with a battery charger, one long or short battery, and cartridges.

If you have already tried the brand’s disposable e cigs and have decided to stick with them, an advanced kit makes sense. Expand your use of these electronic cigs with a USB cigarette and car adaptor. An elegant leather case is also included.

Green Smoke Website Convenience

One great thing about the company’s website is how helpful it is. There is plenty of information about e-smoking in general. Many individuals are faced with a list of unknown terms and are asking questions which are answered here.

Find out what cartomizers do, the make up of a cigarette and how to use it, and learn about batteries. Explore the environmental and other beneficial reasons to switch from regular tobacco to liquid nicotine and vapor.

They also offer a Trade In Program for anyone looking to switch to their products:

Green Smoke Trade In Program

You can also read reviews right on the site: http://greensmoke.com

See for yourself and save 10% using this link to Green Smoke’s Official Site.




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