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Ever Smoke has a good selection of flavors and starter kits. The starter kits offered by this up-and-coming e-cig brand vary in nature and the amount of stuff it comes with. There are five starter kits to choose from and 10 flavors available. The best thing about the brand is its unique tobacco flavors.

There are three kinds of tobacco flavors which come in hard, medium and light tastes. Since I am an avid smoker, I was looking for a brand that was more interested in providing good tobacco flavors instead of fruity flavors. But those of you who enjoy other flavors than the tobacco ones, you can still find some variety with the brand.

Eversmoke Electronic CigarettesEver Smoke Review – My Experience

Right out of the box Ever Smoke is easy to use and convenient in every way. The brand doesn’t use a three piece design that means you get an electronic cigarette that is ready to be used. Since I had to review the cigarette in all of its glory, I decided to go with the most expensive and value friendly kit.

The ultimate starter kit is the best offering from Ever Smoke as it includes two batteries, 1 USB charger, 1 wall adapter, 1 car adapter, 1 carrying case and 15 cartomizers with the choice of flavors and nicotine strength.

The carrying case is a great extra that a lot of electronic cigarette brands do not offer. This carrying case doubles as a charger so you can easily charge your cigarettes when you are out and about.

Eversmoke Portable Charging CaseThe only problem with the charging case is its capacity to hold stuff. Where other brands give charging cases that hold at least two batteries, Ever Smoke’s charging case only holds 1 battery at a time. But you can still put in other stuff with the charging case. For example there is a slot for your USB charger and a cartomizer right inside the case.

The vapor production is also smooth and decent when compared to other options in the market. Considering the value the brand offers, I was quite happy with the dense fumes when I puffed on the cigarette.

Also my favorite flavors from the brand are Royal tobacco and Cool Menthol. The Royal Tobacco flavor is a bit on the light side so if you don’t like light flavors, you can try the classic tobacco flavor. But for someone who loves light stuff, Royal Tobacco really stands out.

In a nutshell, Eversmoke is a really good brand. I’d highly recommend trying their electronic cigarette out. You can start today with as low as $29.99 with their basic starter kit.

Visit their site: http://eversmoke.com



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