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The name ElectronicStix cleverly includes a bit of internal rhyme, a play on words, and some of that irritating but trendy spelling also seen at Toys R Us and H20 4 U. Should this name catch on? Read an ElectronixStix review to find out.

Discount Vapes

Here is another outlet for finding your favorite vaping models without paying full price. ElectronixStix carries Joyetech, Kanger, and Ismoka. An IGO Starter Kit from Ismoka costs $44.95. Look what you get for the price: 3 BCC heads and mouthpieces, a control part, one battery tube, USB and wall chargers, and a 2100mAh battery. That is one powerful battery.

I would call that a great price if you want an IGO from Ismoka. Reviews are pasted directly onto the page for each product and they appear pretty honest. The IGO got mixed reviews, some saying the tank tasted like plastic or that it was a bit on the big side, though feelings were positive overall.

E Liquid

Ten milliliters of e juice costs as little as $4.00, but $6.50 appears to be the usual price. A quick glance shows liquids are made in the USA, which is one reason bottles are not always $4. Buy juice from China if you want that really low price; $6.50 is very good.

The usual tobaccos and menthols are featured on the page for liquids. You can get grape or green apple, also fairly typical. Occasional gems pop up like Black Cherry Pina Colada, Key Lime, and Strawberry Cheesecake.

Extra Shopping

Like many e cig companies these days, ElectronicStix believes many consumers want to boast about their new habit by wearing T-shirts which advertise the company and vaping in general. This is an unnecessary addition to vaping sites if you ask me with so many categories to peruse already. At least each heading is laid out neatly, like drip tips, adaptors, and clearance items.

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