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At Ejuicepack, the owners from Hermitage, Tennessee, are playing things differently from all the rest of the subscription services you might have heard of. The competition sells just top-shelf juice costing $0.80 per/ml retail. Ejuicepack is selling boxes of both high-end and regular e juice that costs $0.50 to $0.75 per/ml retail. On their website they claim there are 8,000 ways to customize your subscription box which starts at $7.99 per month.


Their small monthly box contains just 2 bottles for a total of 25 to 35 ml. If you received just 25 ml, the cost per milliliter is only 32 cents. If your shipment contains 35 ml, that works out to $0.23 per milliliter. That is unbelievable. Ejuicepack does not expect a commitment either and customers are encouraged to specify which sorts of juice they want. A 5-juice box costs $21.99 and equals 65 to 85 ml. Savings are similarly spectacular; the best I have seen.

How to Customize: Ejuicepack Review

Try new flavors or pick your own. That’s where the customization process starts. Ask to be surprised, or select a flavor styles. That could be drinks/cocktails, candy, dessert, coffee, fruit, menthol, tobacco, or nuts.

You choose which one for each bottle and then a nicotine value for each bottle. Choices are 0, 6, 9, 12, 18, and 24 mg. On a high-end shelf, the top nicotine strength is usually 18 mg so being about to choose 24 mg is a bonus. Each box contains your juice plus surprise items.

Approved by Testers

On their website, Ejuicepack invites viewers to meet their team. Each one is a tester, and there are several, so the juices are all tested before being added to their list of products. They carry 4 brands: Charlie Noble, Ballistic Vape, Mount Baker Vapor, and Mister E-Liquid. The first two make 9 and 6 flavors respectively. The other two make tons of flavors. Feel free to ask for one of these brands specifically.

Too Few Vendors

I’m a bit concerned about this small choice. Carrying 45 brands could be overkill, but with just four, the customer isn’t introduced to as many e juice lines as one might like. Thanks to the range of flavors by MBV and Mr. E, clients will still be surprised from time to time. But I can see this program only working for a short time.

Very Specific

I like that careful breakdown of flavors. Customers who like dessert might not want a dessert with coffee or nuts. That would mean pecan pie and tiramisu are out of the running and Ejuicepack’s selection is more manageable. If you like watermelon you might not want a mentholated version. Tobacco is great when your subscription provider knows you like it dry, not sweet; earthy, not fruity. Give Ejuicepack every chance to get your order right or submit to the thrill of the unexpected.


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