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A real person with the last name Davinci is behind a company by the same name where you will find two models of vaporizers. These are the Ascent and the Davinci, appropriately enough. Vaporizers are utilized to inhale vapor infused with herbs or oils to create peace, calm, encourage energy, and other feelings.

The method is much like using a Hookah or vaping an e-cigarette. It is more complicated than those items and pricier than electronic cigarettes though. Here is what you will find at Davinci.

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Davinci Vaporizer Review

This brand is among the premier brands where vaporizers are concerned. It is a line of portable vaporizers you can hold in your hand, but not so small as to appear like pens or inhalers. The smallest one here, the Davinci, resembles a walkie talkie. Its straw looks like an antenna. You see three control buttons on this small device which comes in green, grey, or black and costs $199.99.

Each rechargeable battery provides up to 1.4 hours of life, contains a chamber of 304 stainless steel, non-leaded soldering, and medical grade silicone. The body was developed to withstand high temperatures for safe usage.

Here’s something you don’t read all the time: this model was dropped repeatedly from 10 feet (about 1 storey) during testing to ensure it was solid. There is a digital screen that shows the temperature and other details.

A kit arrives with a cleaning brush, wall adaptor (110v to 240v), a flexi straw, and 9 screens. Three are large and 6 are small. You will also find two oil cans for inserting vaporizing oils, an upper chamber cap, and it all comes with a 2-year warranty.

Unlike electronic cigarettes, vaporizers are mainstream products sold commonly on general retail and e-tail sites. You can buy them with extras like baggies and a grinder for reducing herbs to a finer consistency.

Accessories for Your Vaporizers

Buy a snorkel or regular straw, a pack of them, screens, a new brush, and oil. Get yourself a car adaptor for vaporizing while you travel. All of these items are sold separately for this long-lasting machine — one that you’d be able to rely on for years.

Many other extra pieces could be added to a vaporizer, but this one does not contain a big ceramic insert and requires no wand. The grinder noted above is something to keep a lookout for. You do not have to purchase one from the Davinci website for it to work. Any good quality grinder will do.

In fact, as a general rule, shop around for these products as re-sellers sometimes manage to attach lower price tags than you have come to associate with these products.



The Ascent Portable Vaporizer from Davinci

This model by Davinci provides an all-glass vapor path from the mouthpiece stems through the internal stems and oil jars. Glass is one of the cleanest media for vaporizing without tainting the smell or flavor of vapor. It tolerates high temperatures too.

You can buy your Ascent in stealth (black), carbon fiber, croc skin, or burl wood (gorgeous) for $249.99. A limited edition “skulls” version is $30 more. The easy-to-read screen shows temperature and battery life. This is a very small unit; totally portable and light.

For the price of an Ascent, you receive a programmable OLED, dual mouthpiece, and three hours of battery life on a full charge. Your wall adaptor is good for 110v to 240v and a carrying sachet is included. Use this machine to vape botanical oils and herbs.

Purchase a car adaptor for $19.95 so the Ascent can accompany you on the road. A USB port is located along one side.

Extras from Davinci

Did you ever wonder where to buy those oils from you keep reading about?

It seems like a lot of companies sell the devices, but not vapor products to go with them. Yet the Davinci is made for using with both herbs and oils and vapes both beautifully as far as customers are concerned. Some sites that sell oils and herbs are a bit dodgy and also carry marijuana, but for organic vaporizing oil, stay with the Davinci brand.

Here you will find 8 sorts, each one made from organic ingredients: Soothe, Energy, Calm, Endure, Flex, Breathe, Recall, and Relax. Each variety contains a blend of herbs considered useful for creating the appropriate response in your brain and your body. For “Breathe,” the combination is Yerba Santa, Lemon Balm, and Mullien. Recall contains Eleurthero, Ginkgo, and Schizandra Ginger. If you want to check out ingredients to find out if Davinci’s developers are talking nonsense or making loads of sense, these are all ingredients you can research over the internet. A 5ml bottle costs $13.95.

Some Helpful Reviews

It can be hard to find a sensible, well-written review of a vaporizer off of the main site. They are often peppered with drug-related references and sometimes obscene language. I found a couple by specifying which device I wanted to look at, and even saw the Ascent in closer detail with images of how the unit operates.

Pictures show the vent at the bottom (a metal grill), where to find the on/off button, how to use the control buttons, and more. The review referred to the stirring tool and black rubber top and showed the screen up close. Users are satisfied with the solidity of this device in every way in spite of its tiny size. This is stealthy technology because it is barely bigger than a full-grown man’s hand. In fact, I decided that there are off-site review and descriptions better than anything on the Davinci website itself.

Yes, you can buy a big table top, digital vaporizing device for home and it plugs into the wall. What you cannot do with a device like that is to carry it around, and it will cost you a lot more money. Discretion is generally inexpensive to manage with portable vaporizers, but if you want quality in a small package, the price of a Davinci or Davinci Ascent is about what you should expect to pay.



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