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Cigirex makes it possible for people on a low budget to supplement some of their smoking and turn to e cigs. Their disposables are inexpensive. Starter kits (except for Black Ops) come in one format across the board, all of them priced around $30. Review the options for yourself.

For my money, I use V2 Cigs.

Their website:

They are  the best brand in my opinion – but if you want to see about this brand, read on.

Cigirex Zero Starter KitStarting Out

Cigirex starter kits contain only the essentials: an e cig, two cartridges, a battery, and a charger. The absence of lanyards, a USB cig, case, and car adaptor keeps the price low. Starters come in regular, light, menthol, and zero-nicotine. This translates as 0mg, 11mg, or 16mg of nicotine.

Black Ops

If the name Black Ops has you thinking of power and stealth, you could be along the right lines. With 18mg of nicotine, smokers are enjoying an extra-strength puff. The Black Ops Cigirex arrives with a black matte battery, a night-vision light (violet), and a fast charger. As for that element of surprise you expect from the name, this comes from the fact that you are closely simulating the smoking experience without tar or tobacco.

Understanding Value

If receiving one or two cartridges per parcel seems like too little to pay so much for, do the math and you will see it is plenty. Two cartridges equal about 70 cigarettes. Each one gives you anything from 300 to 350 puffs depending on how long your draw is.

More Details

Cigirex also makes slims and disposables, plus an e-hookah option. Buy a spare battery for around $10. The entire line is designed to closely resemble cigarettes, making it easy to switch from tobacco to batteries.

With this premise, Cigirex also limits its flavor choices. They appear to come in just the regular, extra-strength, light, and menthol varieties and a Fruit Punch e hookah. While this is fine if you are looking for a brand that does not overwhelm you with choices, you might at least like to know what the tobacco tastes like.

Some e cig companies compare their products to traditional tobacco flavors (Camels, Players, Marlboro, Newport etc.). The details are probably there, somewhere, but you will have to search reviews to find the specifics you are looking for.



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