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Cigavette was thus named because the makers want their customers to do what they did: shift from tar to vapor completely. The slight change in using a ‘v’ instead of the ‘r’ in ‘cigarette’ indicates, according to the product’s main site http://cigavette.com, that even small things matter when trying to give up smoking.

As former smokers, the people behind Cigavette feel consumers should stop thinking about cigarettes in both name and purpose. This review will tell you more about what you get from their brand of electronic cigs.

Cigavette Batteries

Very Nice eGo-Style Batteries

We tried out two of their Ultimate Series kits, the VIP Go Ultra and the VIP Go Mega.

These are available in two different battery sizes, the 650 mAh (Ultra) and 1300 mAh (Mega).

The batteries are very sleek, and they have a nice touch such as the button and bottom of the black Ultra betteries are a super cool LED blue, and you can choose from blue or orange.

Here’s a pic of each color lit up:

Cigavette Blue and Orange Tips

One thing that is killer about these kits is the cartridges are the biggest we have seen. They aren’t the cheapest e-cig cartridges, but they last longer than a typical standard sized cartridge.

Cigavette Cartridges

Pictured here are a VIP Mega & Ultra battery,

with a cartridge compared to the size of a Green Smoke cartridge.

Green Smoke cartridges are bigger than most standard sized cartridges,

so you can see how big these Cigavette cartridges are.

They offer a different sized cartridge with the Mega and Ultra batteries,

so be sure to check that when buying a kit with refills.

Their tobacco flavor is nice and smooth, and pretty close to a real cigarette. It is one of the smoothest, subtlest tobacco flavors we have tried, but in a good way, as in not tasteless, and have a nice throat hit, which goes up with the nicotine level. These batteries also produce a lot of vape!

Cigavette DisposablesCigavette Disposables

They carry a few disposables of just basic tobacco and menthol flavors.

We did notice slight differences with their disposables over their rechargeable cigs. This is pretty typical, though the disposables give you a nice idea of their rechargeable options.

They are nicely priced at $6.95, and you can save even more if you buy in bulk.

A New Tradition

It is becoming the norm among e cigs that a unit should be comprised of two parts: the battery and cartridge. Cigavette adds a smart chip to their design to better control the quality of your heating and vaping. This chip also controls an LED light (choose blue, red, or orange) at the tip.

Like other electronic choices out there, it is also traditional to select a battery color. Elect to add a white, black, or stainless steel item to your heat-sealed cartridge.

Cigavette Premiere Starter KitStarter Kits

Each starter kit in the Premier series comes with a USB and wall charger. The Standard includes a sleek steel and leather carry case plus two batteries of 2.4 and 3.1 inches respectively. A Super Set includes a car adaptor, more cartridges, and you can choose the carry case or a portable charging case, making this a more flexible option than most.

The series offers menthol and tobacco varieties: mild, full-bodied, and your choice from 0mg of nicotine to 24mg. This is limited, but Cigavette was designed to woo smokers away from real tobacco. Besides, their e hookahs expand consumers’ choice.

A Cigavette E Hookah

Cigavette E-HookahsHookahs are only slightly different from electronic cigarettes in that the flavors are generally more exotic. Instead of tobacco, consumers are looking for fruit and sweets.

In the case of Cigavette, their hookah line consists of cocktails: Peach Bellini, Watermelon Cooler, Strawberry Daiquiri, Choclatini, Berrylicious, and Vanilla Bean. All are designed to taste like their namesakes, but in vapor form.

Cigavette e hookahs are disposable. Again, the more you buy, the cheaper they become, but only by pennies. E hookahs also tend to be more colorful to look at than e cigs and Cigavette does not disappoint.

While their electronic cigarettes appear similar to the real thing, their hookah pens resemble colored markers and their purpose is more obvious. Cigavette hookahs contain nicotine, which is not always the case with hookah pens.

E Cigars

Cigavette CubansCigavette wants to attract every smoker to electronic vaporizing, including cigar smokers. They have created an authentic looking electronic cigar called a Cuvana. An obvious play on their company name and the famous ‘Cuban’, it should taste and feel like an authentic Cuban cigar.

In design it looks stunningly authentic. Keep yours for two years or more and get up to 1800 puffs out of it before throwing your Cuvana away. A box of 10 is probably cheaper than a box of real Cubans, and certainly cheaper per item than buying one at a time.

Like the Cigavette, Cuvana has an LED flame to simulate burning embers. Select 0mg, 12mg, or 18mg of nicotine. Like its electronic cig cousin, Cuvana has a smart chip embedded into it.

We were quite impressed with their Cuvana, in flavor, the feel, packaging, and that it is a nice flavor, probably as close as you’re going to get with vapor. The only drawback, which isn’t a huge factor, is that the end isn’t chewy like a real cigar, it’s a pretty stiff plastic, though we still give them big props for an electronic cigar that we thought did justice.


They also carry a couple of e cig cases. One is a standard carrying case, and the other is a portable charging case, both pictured here:

Cigavette Cases

Check out their product line and buy direct from the company at:





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