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What is the difference between e cigarette brands currently marketed over the internet? Reading reviews helps you to weed out many and focus on a few. It might be quality that distinguishes them or just a style in the brand that catches your eye. Let this Bull Smoke review help you decide if this make of electronic cig is for you.

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Bull Smoke Battery & CartridgesBatteries Make the Difference

Few e cigs offer as much choice in battery features as Bull Smoke. There are three types to choose from.

The Stubby is the smallest of the trio at 65mm. A website description equates this to the size of a king size cigarette when connected to the atomizer. An original battery is 79mm long with 4.2 volts.

An extra-long Kentucky, at 110mm, will give you 50% more power than the average battery and offers 380 mAh (milliamps hour).

Power is not in question here, but what about look? Do you care what color your e cig is? If so, then there are 4 choices: orange, white, black, and silver. Stick with one, rotate according to where you are and the time of day, or mix and match the battery and atomizer.

One might say these are “men’s e cigs.” Bull Smoke has gone out of its way to create a masculine image around their products, partly by omitting color choices like purple and pink.

Get to Know Your Atomizer

This is where the flavor and nicotine come in. An atomizer is vaporization central, heating the tobacco liquid (or specialty flavor) and nicotine until it becomes vapor. With your old style cig, you used to burn the tobacco which is where the familiar, acrid smell came from.

Flavors to choose from include several types of tobacco and a number of treats like vanilla, chocolate and coffee.

We love the Bull Smoke flavors. They have our top picks for flavors close to Camel and Winston, and their American Ranger is a great tobacco flavor close to a Marlboro red.

Bull Smoke City Slicker KitStarter Kits

First off, you can’t beat the price of their starter kits at $29.99.

Some brands make choosing a starter kit a bit of a trial. There are too many choices, when all you want is a place to begin. Bull Smoke simplifies matters: are you a tough, outdoor guy with one foot in the stirrup at all times? Do you carry a briefcase to work and wish you could ride a horse instead of a subway train?

In the former case you are the sort of person who would like the Ranch Hand starter kit. This contains an express USB charger, wall adaptor, one each of the Stubby and Kentucky batteries, and ten atomizers.

The City Slicker offers just one difference. While Ranch hands smoke tobacco, a City Slicker smokes tobacco or chocolate (not to mention the many other available flavors).

Reward Points

As a loyal customer, rewards come in the form of points which never expire. Ten percent of your order value is added to points until you have enough to buy something with them. This should take very little time if you smoke a lot, even if all you replace is atomizer cartridges.


Bull Smoke disposable e cigs are called Buckshot. Each one represents two packs of regular cigarettes. Consumers enjoy as many as 450 puffs with each one before tossing it in the trash.

Their website: http://bullsmoke.com



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