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Vapers are putting Boosted e juice on a pedestal. Since its release earlier this year, the company (formed by Cory Vigil who also mixes the liquids) has released just three flavors. Vigil did not wait until he had three to release. He got his name out there when there was just one blend, the eponymous Boosted flavor. Anti-Lag came next followed recently by BOV. Read further and you might be ready to give this new e juice a try.

Boosted E Juice Review

The website for Boosted is not a shopping site. Use it to contact Vigil but don’t log on with money and a desire to buy stuff or learn more. You will be disappointed. In fact, the website is almost completely pointless. I would suggest you visit the company on Facebook instead. This is where the company is getting its name out there and attracting an audience. The page is certainly busy. Cory Vigil is Mr. E Liquid Popularity.

Label Logo Language

One way customers recognize brands of e juice even without seeing a name is by their logo or the art on labels. Examples of labels that stand out are Cosmic Fog with their clouds in shades, the “wanted” posters for Villain Vapes, the black and white images of Jet Fuel labels, and Halo Purity’s blue flame.

It’s funny: reading what each Boosted label says is not easy because of the font Vigil uses, but that graffiti font is exactly what makes it stand out. Customers will instantly recognize the company and the flavor. They might also have learned something about Cory: the type of neighborhood he grew up in or the kind of art he likes best. It’s different from tattoo art (often featured on e juice bottles) but equally urban and edgy.

Buying Boosted

You will have to find a vapor seller that carries this stuff and maybe go onto their waiting list. Boosted sells out rapidly. If you do manage to snag a bottle, pay about $15.99 for 30 ml (excellent price) and choose from 0 to 1.8% nicotine.

These are glass bottles, their lids fitted with droppers for easy dripping/filling. The vegetable glycerin/propylene glycol ratio is 60/40 although some users consider them to be quite thick. They could be dripped into an RDA but also used in a regular tank if they are 60/40 juices.

Flavors at Boosted E Juice

Every one of these products is greeted with applause. Let’s take a closer look at Vigil’s offerings.


Boosted is described variously as strawberries and cream or strawberry Nesquick, both of which are similar, except that in e juice (as in the kitchen) fruit can be represented in all kinds of ways. It might be bright, ripe, tart, candy-like, or baked. Strawberry in Boosted e juice is not powdery; the milk is creamy.

There is excellent balance demonstrated here between the two. Some people find there is more cream than fruit, much to their liking. Steeping is not necessary but will change the characteristics. Vapers who prefer a stronger fruit flavor might want to let their juice steep for a week or so to bring out other elements. Buttery notes have also been identified.


Flavor two, Anti-Lag, has been described as a sweet fruit cereal vape, like those styles favored by kids of the 80s and 90s. It contains watermelon, blueberries, strawberries, and whipped cream. You will notice that the cream is dense and that it enriches what could have been a fruit salad blend so it does not taste too acidic or sharp. I would love to know what Vigil was thinking of when he named his juice “Anti-Lag.”


The third and last product in this review is BOV, which combines a lot of fruits and some mystery flavors. People taste all kinds of things on the inhale, the exhale, and the aftertaste. Peach, dragon fruit, bubblegum, and citrus are already mentioned. You might notice passion fruit, pineapple, melon, or coconut. It changes with every vape, making this a complex and enticing e liquid. While other vapes become boring, that won’t happen with your BOV. I have a question though: what does BOV stand for, or should I ask?

Fruit Rich

Clearly, if all vendors vape their own juice (and why wouldn’t they), Cory Vigil likes fruit best. Is this a sign that all future flavors will incorporate fruit in some way, whether as part of a dessert, candy, or other sweet vape or in the form of a tobacco e juice? I doubt that tobacco will ever come into it unless Vigil is begged by tobacco-loving customers to please them. That’s one way e liquid differs so much from pre-filled e cigs and from cigarettes: customers can avoid tobacco completely, enjoying calorie-free desserts and drinks.

Lots of Reviews

Some brands are launched and their reception is so lukewarm that the vaping public doesn’t bother to say much. You can look for reviews and find one or two, maybe none at all. Others receive such a lot of excellent word-of-mouth that reviews are everywhere.

In this case, they are unanimous in declaring this brand of e liquid a winner. They produce a light throat hit but tons of vapor. Flavors are truly exceptional, converting vapers who dislike fruit vapor on the strength of those creamy elements.

The Future Looks Bright

Cory Vigil makes this e liquid in Lakewood, Colorado. Keep your eye on the brand: it is bound to grow to more juices and ongoing success if Vigil keeps to whatever formula he’s got going. You will undoubtedly see his product on shelves where all top-flight juices are sold, and if you belong to a vapor-juice club you might recognize the name and graffiti label in a subscription-only box of juice one of these days.



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