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Each electronic cigarette company has to have its own niche; something that gets people interested in their products instead of someone else’s. With Blu Cigs this could be their distinctive blue led light glowing at the end of each stick, or it might be the social feature they have added to their Smart Packs.

These will be attractions, but do they encourage customers to hand over their money? Will customers stay with Blu because of such features?

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OK, My Review Of Blu:


Blu Cig Starter KitHow does the Blu E Cig rank among other brands? Are they #1 in the world?

Blu is up there among the top ten on many review sites about electronic smoking. It must have something fairly good to offer its customers, one of those items being the unique social feature.

This lets users know when they are near other Blu smokers. It is like social media with a nicotine twist. On this count the firm scores for being innovative and social functions are popular with young people especially. This device also allows smokers to take extra control of their vaping.

My Thoughts on Blu Cigs

Blu Disposables

Any firm that wants to attract new converts to electronic smoking or lure customers away from other brands has to offer disposables, and Blu does this. They sell their two most popular flavors in a disposable format: tobacco and menthol. With nothing to do except pull an activation tab, you get started smoking right from the get-go.

Note:  Blu Cigs is the most widely distributed e-cig brand in the world right now.  You can get them anywhere, which is a BIG plus to me.  You never have that same satisfaction with other brands, so consider this a HUGE plus.

Blu Starter Kits

The next things consumers want to learn about are starter kits. One Blu starter kit comes with a small USB for data management. Features like this announce Blu as a modern, tech-savvy company great for a generation that likes everything to have a USB connection.

Other kits come with the usual items: a wall charger, USB cord or adaptor, multiple cartridges, and one or two batteries. A single cartridge installed into the Premium100 e cig provides about the equivalent of 1 pack of cigarettes.

Reward points are nothing new, but no one needs to reinvent the wheel here. Rewards are attractive. As an added bonus, some entertainment personalities are promoting Blu E Cigs, increasing their profile and raising some interest.

Blue cartridges are filled with e-liquid made in the Unites States with atomizers built in. The result is that your vaping experience is consistent each time.

More Information

Blu cigs offers tobacco, menthol, cherry, vanilla, and coffee hardly stand out. Peach Schnapps is a nice addition and so is Pina Colada. They keep it simple and attract customers with the mass marketing they do in tandem with the attractive product.  In my opinion, Blu Cigs has the BEST marketing in the world, and that’s a bold statement.

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That concludes my Blu Cigs review.  I am searching for a Blu Cigs Coupon, something that all other brands offer – and when they do – you can be sure I’ll be more keen on recommending them as they do put out a nice product line.



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